Sunday, June 24, 2012

california girl

this summe we have so much to look forward to. personally i can not wait for all the traveling that i will be doing this summer, to california and to ireland! this look today is perfect for california. color blocking really has taken over my world and has changed the way i form my outfits. 

shirt:  target
shorts: nordstrums
necklace: believe it or not botique 
sandals: guess
bracelets: various places

Saturday, June 23, 2012

living brunette: my daily makeup look

 i swear that if there was no such thing as makeup i would sit at home and type behind this computer all day haha. makeup is my life savior, covers up any blemish, fixes any ugliness, glosses any lip and bronzes up anything. without these products i think i would die. not really, but i would look 20 times worse every day! okay, so these products mentioned are (what i think to be) the BEST products out there! I know this sounds wierd but i change up my makeup cases daily. currently i am using a different one than pictured below, but this cute floral bag was designed by trina turk for clinique (LOVE this bag, i have like five trina's). okay now getting to the good stuff:

tinted moisurizer: Laura Mercier in the shade nude (summertime in bisque)
bronzer: MAC's matte bronze (perfect summer glow)
highlighter: Benefit's watt's up (adds a beautiful highlight to your face and cheek bones)
blush: Benefit's coralista (stunning pink shimmer blush and it smells like roses)
eye shadow: MAC's twinks, sable, cork, naked lunch and mythology (i love the viraites) 
mascara: MAC's false eyelashes in the shade black (this adds a lot of volume to the lashes)
eye pencil: Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on pencil in brown (i could not live without this pencil)
urban decay eyeshadow primer, MAC's finishing spray, sephora eyelash curler & brushes

Thursday, June 14, 2012

summer lovin

ahhh finally summer has arrived with its lovely new fashion, new nail polish, trends, hairstyles and oh so much more. this is blonde and brunettes first summer so stay tuned for some up coming giveaways from opi nail polish and from cwonder!! today we have complied a ton of our summer favorites!! click this link to check all of them out, this is a summer that you dont want to miss! xx lw&mc

Saturday, June 9, 2012

prom 2012

High school... it happens to everyone. And for four years it has a way of dividing us. Athletes over a cheaters, drama queens, misfits, jokers. But then, just before it ends, we were almost at the door. One night has a way of bringing us together - PROM!! It's the one night when nobody cares who wore the varsity jacket, and who got cut from the team.It's the night when you might find yourselfsinging at the top of your lungs, with people you've never even spoken too. The night when that cute guy free a math class might finally make his move. Prom's like the Olympics of high school.You wait four years, three people have a good time, and everybody else gets to live on with shattered dreams.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

oh my mary (clare)!!

MC is also joining us today for the first time ever on b&b with some preppy casual attire. On her ootd feature she sets beautiful colors together with a lily scarf, jeans, a ute tee, sweater and cute flipflops from jcrew!! We love her laid back, yet stunning look!! xx lindsey and mary

charlotte hits the web

hello bloggie's!! today is an awesome day for b&b, one of our friends and classmates charlotte joins us in her first feature on blonde and brunette!! We welcome her with her first ootd! We love her casual yet rural look, and her shoes are to die for. Another <3 of her outfit would be her blue blazin nail polish!! xx lindsey and mary

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the tuesday trio

starting from now on, b&b will have a tuesday trio. we will pick three of our favorite styles, or shoes, or purses, or nail polishes & etc. this week we have the triple threat, three fashionistas styling our favorite brands and looks. xx lindsey and mary (and sorry for our absence) 
summer count down t2 days : graduation countdown t5 days

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