Saturday, August 24, 2013

back to school tips : college edition

soo as most of you may know, i finally moved back to school on wednesday!! it took me three days to clear off everything and organize everything. although i really do want to film a dorm room tour, my room is far from being home. i need some things to hang up and fix, some more storage units and well my roommates!!! haha, tomorrow thy are moving in so it will be a ton of fun!
so now that my short little update is over we can get down to buisness. back to school tips. wahhooo!! so basically i am probably one of the only people to be happy to be back to school, but since i a back and settled in i thought i would share with you some back to school tips ( college edition ). so without any more of my chitchat blah blah blah, here are some back to school tips.
1. personalize your room

so this may be really weird that this is the first one, but trust me it isn't! so personally, for me my room is where my life is basically. yes, i go to the library and my secret study room but my room is my safe heaven and reflects who i am and what i love. you want to make sure that your room is the way you want it and you are able to do many things in it ( studying, sleeping, relaxing & etc. ) 
** btw my room is the big pic on the left ** 

2. make sure you have all your supplies
soo a lot of people may be overwhelmed with moving into or back to school that they totally forget about their supplies. i do my school supplies shopping at staples and do it the first week of august. some of the must staple supplies that you should have for college are : notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, white out, a printer, and some post-it notes!
3. reconnect / make new friends
so if you are coming back for your second, third or fourth year of college, i'm sure you pretty much have your friend group all mapped out, but if your a freshman this can be an opportunity for you to reach out and make new friends. you might already know some people, but it is always nice to branch out. college is a fresh new page, you are in control of who you will be and how people will see you. also dont always expect that the first people you meet will be your bff's for the next four years, congrats if they are, but the likely hood of it is not so high.
4. scout out your classes
so this is really important, especially for freshman!! your starting a new school year with new buildings and a new atmosphere. all your classes (sadly) are not in one building, so it is best to take the day before classes start to scout out where the buildings are and where your classrooms are. i can not tell you how much i wished i did this last year, i looked like such a newbie, i even set the map of the school as my phone background for a week lol. it is always fine to ask where to go, but eventually you should learn your surroundings!! 
5. try new things

last year i was so concerned with fitting in an doing well that i never actually set time aside for some new activities on campus. every college has so many different programs to offer to their students they vary from sports (varsity and club), greek life, accapella groups, differnt opportunities on campus and off, go into your city or town and explore!

Monday, August 19, 2013

dorm room diy : sorority glitter letters

so the countdown winds to an end, just two more days until this chick is dc bound! i can not say how excited i am for this semester and for sophmore year! i am even more excited to put together my dorm room and make it more homie! also could not be more excited to live with my new roommates.
so last year i pledged for a sorority and got it (yay me) so last year i purchased wooden letters and glittered them; so this year i thought i should do the same. this is honestly so simple to do, but it is a diy that i think should be shared!! hope you enjoy!! xx 
1. wooden letters in any color (mine are from michaels and they came white) 
2. mod podge (mine is from michaels)
3. glitter (mine is from michaels)
4. a foam paint brush

first thing first, mod podge. you want to take your foam brush and dip it into the mod podge. you want to make sure you spread it all around for a nice and even coat. 
**tip : i didnt put glitter on the sides, if you want it then mod podge the whole thing, if not whipe it away with your finger so the glitter doesnt stick to the side*** 

next up whip out that glitter and sprinkle it all over the letter. 
**tip do it over your deck, or over a peice of paper so it doesnt get so messy**

after spreading it all over, go over all the parts that you missed and add more mod podge to the area.

then go ahead and spread the glitter with your fingers and then shake it off to make sure you get off all the excess glitter. 

this is what the final product looked like after the glitter and the drying! keep posted to see what it looks like in the dorm room! hope you enjoy and happy diy! xx 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

lake george mini shoe haul

yesterday was our outlet shopping day here in good ol' lake george and might i just say i saw some of the best deals of my life. we went shopping from 10-3 and didnt even hit all the stores that i wanted to... so i will be going back with my cousins later in the week! for this post i am going to show you the fabulous shoes that i purchased for the fall! hope you enjoy. xx 

**now you should know that my sister and i call my grandma bucky**
 so bucky and i went into famous footwear and found these stunners!! i had been needing well wanting a pair of nude flats and i found these; my perfect pair. they are from one of my favorite shoe designers steve madden. they are patent leather and are a high rise, close to the start of your toes.

oh my gosh, was my first reaction when i saw them. i was on my way to sunglass hut not even wanting to go into kennieth cole reaction, but when i saw these plum babies in the window, it was love at first sight. they are a beautiful plum color with a satin finish. i am going to go back and get these in green and in royal blue because they are such a great deal.

these stunners are some more steve's, well its actually madden girl brand. they are in the color gamer stone, which could be described more as an olive stone color! they go up to the middle of your calves and are full lace up boots. combat boots #4 for me. they were a little pricey, but cheaper than the original price! thanks for these bucky. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

dorm room diy : painted mason jars

with move in day approaching in well about two weeks, i have been on pintrest looking for some amazing diy's to display in my room! these jars are perfect for your makeup brushes, your pencils, markers, supplies and even perfect for a (fake) flower holder! i will be putting up a bunch of different ideas in the next up coming week feel free to put in a request or ask any questions!
1. a clear mason jar (could be an aladdin jar, a kerr jar or a ball jar)
2. acrylic paints (mine are martha stewart, but any paints work)
3. mod podge (optional)
4. glitter (optional)

chose your paint colors. then get out your jar and take off the top, you will have to unscrew the top and then remove the lid with your hands because it will stick to the edges of the jar. 
after removing the lid, pour a good amount of the paint into the jar. i like this method better than painting it because to me it is less messier and it is honestly easier. what i did after putting a full coat on the bottom, i turned the jar upside-down.
after putting it upside-down, i noticed that some of the sides were not getting enough paint, so i put some more in and swirled it around to see if it would help, it did. but it did clump so i just set it upside down to dry and it is still drying lol.
next, grab your mod podge and get ready to repeat what you did from jar number one.
after pouring in the mod lodge i painted it around with a paint brush to make it go a little faster and to make the coating of the glue more even.
after i let it settle for a minute i took out my glitter and went crazy with it lol! lets just say i poured too much in. but what i did was i poured in (a lot) some and then put the lid back on and shook it around. there were some areas that needed more glitter so i put some more in and now it is still drying on my counter.
 this is what the inside looks like, and that is what it is starting to look like on the outside! 
for my last color, instead of doing the lime green, i used a satin dark blue! i loved this color and thought it would come out nice. it came out okay, but it looks more of a steel blue then a true deep dark blue. but i did end up liking the outcome of all of them!
my colors for the jars were inspired by my throw pillows for my bed in my dorm room this year!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

july photo recap

O1. my new chevron pillows for my dorm room O2. the monogram necklace that i ordered from etsy O3. this year's lilly agenda (thank god i got it early because its sold out) O4. my best friend, basically our family O5. curly hair don't care, my twin maggie O6. diva time O7. b swim meet with my team
O8.  coming home from a lovely day at the beach O9. swim team spirit, ahhlezzgo bonsai
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