Monday, August 19, 2013

dorm room diy : sorority glitter letters

so the countdown winds to an end, just two more days until this chick is dc bound! i can not say how excited i am for this semester and for sophmore year! i am even more excited to put together my dorm room and make it more homie! also could not be more excited to live with my new roommates.
so last year i pledged for a sorority and got it (yay me) so last year i purchased wooden letters and glittered them; so this year i thought i should do the same. this is honestly so simple to do, but it is a diy that i think should be shared!! hope you enjoy!! xx 
1. wooden letters in any color (mine are from michaels and they came white) 
2. mod podge (mine is from michaels)
3. glitter (mine is from michaels)
4. a foam paint brush

first thing first, mod podge. you want to take your foam brush and dip it into the mod podge. you want to make sure you spread it all around for a nice and even coat. 
**tip : i didnt put glitter on the sides, if you want it then mod podge the whole thing, if not whipe it away with your finger so the glitter doesnt stick to the side*** 

next up whip out that glitter and sprinkle it all over the letter. 
**tip do it over your deck, or over a peice of paper so it doesnt get so messy**

after spreading it all over, go over all the parts that you missed and add more mod podge to the area.

then go ahead and spread the glitter with your fingers and then shake it off to make sure you get off all the excess glitter. 

this is what the final product looked like after the glitter and the drying! keep posted to see what it looks like in the dorm room! hope you enjoy and happy diy! xx 

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