Saturday, March 30, 2013

NYC Street Style ; Walk

It's FINALLY spring here in NYC and the weather has been absolutely beautiful. Today, I've put together an outfit perfect for those nice walks on 40-50 degree days.

Location: Lincoln Center, NYC

I've paired my Cream Studded Collar shirt from Nasty Gal with a Black/ Grey Cardigan from Urban and my American Eagle Jean Jacket for some nice layers. Mixing textures is super important here to collectively add a nice balance up on top.

As for the bottom, I've paired a floral skirt from Forever 21 with thick navy tights from American Eagle. I have a few rips in these stockings, but I don't mind still wearing them out- I actually think they add some character to the look.

As for my purse, I'm carrying this adorable maroon cross body bag from Urban. Gold accents will do a wonderful job of picking up other bright colors or accents within any outfit!I've paired this look with my favorite brown Steve Madden Combat boots.Nails- ncLA "I Don't Play Nice" Nail Wraps [LOVE THESE! check them out at]

Cheers! xalanna martine

Friday, March 29, 2013

Put Some Spring In Your Step

As of March 20th, Spring was to begin! The start of warm sunshine, crisp breezes, and plenty of pastels. However, I do not think Mother Nature got the memo....

With snow, rain, sun, and clouds it seems as if we have had a bit of all four seasons packed into one week! But as of the 20th, I made it my mission to put some "Spring" in my step and some color to brighten up my day. Even if nature didn't know it was Spring, why should we have to wait?

I pulled out my white pants, teal pastel button up, navy cable-knit sweater, coral statement necklace, and a pair of pointed navy ballet flats.

Maybe my positive "bring on Spring" energy worked,
 for today was a lovely sunny day!

Always, Miss C

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NYC Street Style : Casual Spring Attire for School!

Today, I’ve contrasted a classic silhouette with some edge.

Keeping true to a school-like look, I’ve paired a dark wash pair of Pac Sun Jeggings with a beautiful JCrew Wool Tan Blazer.

However, if you know me, I hardly rock a preppy blazer without a cool graphic print. I’ve paired my spring blazer with a sweet graphic sleeveless tee from Brandy Melville, (perhaps one of my favorite new stores). I love love love this print- not only is it an ode to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it also has some subtle stars and stripes. Since it’s still only around 45 degrees here in New York City, I put a black cardigan from Urban Outfitters on top of this summery tee. It’s all about layering in those changing spring months.

Finally, to enhance the edge a bit more, I paired my brown Steve Madden Combat boots with high cream/speckled socks. Lately, I’ve been loving the trend of knee-socks and boots. It’s a nice opportunity to pick up and enhance certain tones of the outfit, (as well as the fact that your feet will always be nice and warm!) Finally, finished with my Raybans and studded white bag from Nordstrom’s bp, I’m set for a day of classes!
 Cheers, xo alanna martine

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

La Femme Paris

I once heard that, 
“You're never alone when you're reading a book.”

I myself have never been an avid reader. But when I do find a good book, I find often myself lost amongst the pages.
And for one book in particular, this quote rang true. 

A year ago, I heard about this new novel called, "The Paris Wife" by Paula McLain . Intrigued by its 1920's Parisian setting, I knew that this might be a book I could actually finish!

The story starts out with a young lady named Haley Richardson. Haley came from a dysfunctional family, and was urning to leave the confines of her simple life.
However on one trip to visit a friend in Chicago, Haley's life seemed to change. Haley met a young writer by the name of Ernest Hemingway, and this was the beginning of a passionate, sad, and true love affair. The story follows the young couple's journey to Paris where they struggle to find their place along with fellow writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ezra Pound.

"The Paris Wife" became so much more than a book to read by the beach. I felt as if I was there and a part of the Hemingway's lives. This novel taught me valuable lessons on love, life, and loss. I most definitely recommend checking it out the next time you pass by the book store!

Always, Miss. C

Sometimes I wish we could rub out all of our mistakes and start fresh, from the beginning,’ I said. ‘And sometimes I think there isn’t anything to us but our mistakes.” - The Paris Wife

Monday Musts

must taste
lately i have been loving branching out in the food & beverages section. when i stumbled upon these two on pintrest i knew that i had to try them asap!! on the left we have a Lavender Lemonade recipe and on the right we have a Healthy Hawaiian Blizzard. I can not wait for spring to pop up and to start having some fun with fashion and with flavors. 

must diy
easter is rapidly approaching and so is spring, so why not crack open a new shell and try something more on the untraditional side of things. on the right hand side we have our classic mason jars (ps they are my favorite things ever!!!) just taken and painted to five an awesome effect that is both beautiful and personal!! on the right there is a more easter(y) craft, when i was younger i used to be obsessed with painting my easter eggs and leaving them out for the bunny. now 15+ years later i am obsessed with new ways to create things, such as more modern easter eggs

must buy
when i first saw these two, it was like love at fist sight!! this dress from modcloth is perfect for spring time, it is lightweight, a beautiful cut, and has a spash of some fabulous colors. the necklace to the right is the cheery on top! this mint bubble necklace adds prep and ellegange to this recipe! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Put Your Best Self Forward

On Friday mornings when my alarm goes off at 7:30am, I sometimes wished I owned a pair of sweatpants and a oversized hoodie. Dressing up sounds too hard and that extra 30 minutes of sleep would be just what I needed!

But then I remember my daily mantra...

"If you look good, you feel good.
And if you feel good, you'll do good."

I see too often my peers rolling up to class in last night's makeup or the sweats they slept in.
That my darling, is not acceptable!

Dressing well is not a matter of money or based on your knowledge of fashion. Dressing well is a matter of maturity. It is putting your best self forward in a presentable and becoming way for others to see and respect. 

That is why this week I put together a simple outfit for those sleepy Friday mornings!

Always, Miss C

This black striped knit shirt is comfortable and classic! (cheap too! Forever21, $7) Complimenting it with a mint jeweled necklace gives this simple pairing a pop of color. The tailored pant adds structure. And to pull it all together, slide on some black flats and start your day!

Saturday, March 9, 2013



This spring break has been full of surprises and last minute adventures! As you may know from my earlier post, I was due to head south for a sun filled week at Myrtle Beach, SC. However, as it usually does, life had a different plan! I then exchanged my ticket for a quiet week at home on snowy Cape Cod.

But then- 
My best friend Margaret gave me a call asking if I wanted to take a last minute trip to Arizona. I was very unsure, for I have never been the adventurous type and always scheduled things weeks in advance. But something inside me said, I should go! Who could deny some pool side time with your best friend? We booked our tickets the night before leaving, and were Phoenix bound in the morning!

This past week was a great escape from the dull school routine and bitter cold weather. This vacation taught me that spontaneity is what makes life wonderful and adventure is what makes memories that last a life time.

Always, Miss. C

   “Not all those who wander are lost.” 

- J. R. R. Tolkien

 When the weather is so hot, it is hard to have a fabulous outfit without suffering from heat stroke. But Margaret worked it perfectly with her flowy floral skirt, sheer plum blouse, Ralph Lauren loafers, and Coach Joelle sunglasses

Thursday, March 7, 2013

get the look: Pretty Little Liars Style

hey gals, we've got a secret, can you keep it? promise that none of us have to be dead, but you might after seeing this post and these steals. today's post is focusing on Aria and all of her fabulous outfits. Aria's style is very different than all the liars, she rocks the very eccentric  yet vintage look. she loves to play around with colors and patterns. she is personally my favorite because i can relate to her. xx 
 we figured that aria would shop at : urban outfitters, bcbg, h&m, steve madden & thrift shops. 

Dolce Vita - Crystal Dress - Sold Out

Betsey Johnson - Tattoo Liberty Peplum Dress - Sold Out

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

black [and white]: NYC street style

Fashionably speaking, NYC street style is all about the transition from winter into spring! Trends- bold patterns, collaborating textures, and lots and lots of studs.

Jacket : Top Shop 
Denim Vest: Forever 21 
Black Peplum Shirt: Forever 21 
Tribal Pants: Forever 21 
Ring: Urban 
Bag: Nordstrom's BP 

Cheers, x -A 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

goodbye dc hello nyc : the world of realization

spring break is amoung us, well the lucky ones i suppose. the team of blonde and brunette is scattered all around, but this week you all are in for a treat. two posts in one day! yes, this week is giving miss lindsey nothing but time, and the fabulous nyc, which she is currently residing in, for the week! new york city is a place for a new begining, a place that never sleeps, a place to use as a get away and most importantly a place where i call home. this week will bring not only bring you two posts per week, but it will bring me so much more. this weekend it has brought me to maturity; it seems so weird to say that, but i feel as if this week it has hit me that i have grown up. im no longer the girl who goes back to my house to play barbies, im the girl who goes back to my dorm to post about fashion, or upload a video to youtube. sure, that is far from your typical everyday 18 year old, but hey its me and it is just who i am. the realization of growing up has hit many of us this past week; it has hit me like a bag of prada shoes. i love being an adult, being able to do things on my own and the feeling of being 'free', but i am not going to lie, i do miss my barbie moments and my parents always around for me. truthfullym, although i may look differnt on the outside, my heart still holds the moments of a childs. this was not meant to be a sad and sappy post, but a post of ralization. i wish you all the best of luck on your journey to growing up.

"If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!" - Peter Pan

Friday, March 1, 2013

That Old Hollywood Glamour

I often find myself thinking that I might of been born in the wrong era. My obsession with high waist lines, saddle shoes, and Frank Sinatra hasn't always seemed to match up with today's society. But I have learned to embrace it! There is so much we can learn from the timeless actresses of Hollywood. Such as Audrey Hepburn's reinvention of the Little Black Dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's to Marilyn Monroe's infamous red lips and blonde curls. 

Inspired by the style icons of Old Hollywood, I put my own twist on the classic cat-eye and red lip!

Always, Miss C.

Let's begin with fresh face and all our necessary makeup!

 Here we have:

- Sephora brown eyeshadow pallets
- CoverGirl Clump Crusher
- Stila and NYC red lipsticks
- (2)Eyeshadow brush
- NYC liquid eyeliner

Next, cover your eyelids (lightly) in a white and cream colored eyeshadow. Cover from the eyelash line to the brow line.

 Then, take your brush and the darkest brown shadow and place it in the crease of your eyelid. It should give some depth to your eye and a slight smokey effect. 

 With your second brush, place some of the white shadow in the corners of your eyes and on the bottom lash line. This will make your eyes look wider and bright!

Now comes my favorite part....EYELINER AND MASCARA! 
With the liquid eyeliner, paint along your top lash line and slowly build the thickness and wing.

Then, brush on a few coats of mascara and we are done with the eyes!

Red lips can be tricky and messy, so I recommend outlining your lips with the sides of the lipstick or lip liner. This will help you stay within your lip line and avoid smudging. 

Finally we are done! Rock this retro look on nights out in the city, going to class, or whenever you want to feel some Old Hollywood glamour.

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