Wednesday, February 29, 2012

spring staples

Well the leap day is just about over, which allows us to leap into spring (thank God)! I have been waiting for the spring for hmm well ever, senior year has flown by, but it is time to cruise along now. When the spring comes, so do new fashion trends, and thank God that I am a senior this year, because some of the top trends are hitting the racks, and well without the uniform (yes, no more uniform) I can wear civil clothes. I have been shopping for spring clothes already and have came up with a list of ten staple spring fashion items that are a must!

 a denim shirt is a huge deal! this one is so cute, so chic, but a tad bit pricey! this shirt definitely shows your feminine side with a cute bow collar.
shoes, shoes, shoes. my area of expertise! wedges are huge this spring and what better way to strut it out than these Steve Madden sailor knot wedges

what better way to say spring? a floral dress is the answer to that, kick out your girlie side and slip on that cute floral dress!
orange you glad this one is a staple? orange seems to be one of the killer colors this spring, and it just so happens the knot shirt is one too!

xoxo love the boyfriend blazer! a blast from the (fall) past is back and ready to be taken out of the closet and worn all around town!! rock this with a white tee, jeans and kick a** heels!

in the mall no one wants to be lugging around a huge bag, why not try a new over the shoulder style? hmmm well this satchel is perfect for anyone and everything (I love mine)!!
hello, yes operator? can you connect me to tocutetobetrue!! these shades are stunning jayy crew? waahoo!
i what? i who? oh yes i do, but not for my wedding gown. the eyelet dresses are back in town, so if you see one, grab it and go!!

ah-door-i-ball. these shoes remind me something of what my friend alanna would wear. these would make a statement, when gladiators meet tribal. brb gtg check out from asos!!

we saved the best for last! this cute bustier peplum shirt is what every girl (who can rock it) should dream of owning!! ships ahoy me matey?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little bit of benefit

If you don't know by now, I have many obsessions, one being the makeup company Benefit. Whenever I enter the benefit store, I am like a kid in a candy store... In Heaven!!!! Benefit's products are fun to use, yet practical. Between the comical names and the drastic results, the makeup allows you to brighten up a bit, yet remain yoruself. Below are a few of my FAVORITE products! 

Benefit "Watts up"-brightening highlighter used on cheek and brow bones
Benefit "Benetint"-cheek and lip skin that actually lasts!!!

Benefit "They're Real"-My favorite product of all time. The mascara "fakes it" by lengthening and strengthening lashes. 

Benefit "Some Kind of Gorgeous"- foundation that gives the skin an even tone. 

Benefit "Boing-used directly after "Some Kind of Gorgeous". Apply over blemishes, and under eyes to diminish circles. I swear this product is magical.

Benefit "Hoola" bronzer-This product leaves one looking like they just left the beach. 
Benefit "Hervana"-A blush composed of different shades of  powder, leaving one with natural looking cheeks.

Monday, February 27, 2012

a brunette's nightly routine

Alas, it is night again, wait did I just say alas?? Aghh these finals are really getting to me and so is our T3 play. Anyways it is night time, again, what a shocker... and every night i have a basic routine that i follow and keep up with!! Below I will post photo's and the links of the products mentioned. **remeber, this is just what I do, every night, not what you have to do.**

So basically almost every night I take a shower, and below is what I normally use, or what I have been using lately! 1. I tend to switch my shampoos every other night I really like Herbal Essence shampoo in  the long lasting formula and the curly hair formula! I also shave every other night and I love the razor I use, it has soap on it so it acts as a shaving cream!! love it. The next thing I like to do is exfoliate, I love using Lush Cosmetic's products for this, lately I have been obsessed with rub, rub, rub and my all-time favorite ocean salt. Last, but not least, I wash off my body with body wash, this week I am using Carried Away by Bath & Body Works.

After i dry off from my shower, I allow my hair to air out for about ten minutes, then I spritz in some of it's a 10 hair and brush it out with my conair brush. After this I put lotion all over my legs (if i shaved them) to keep them smooth, currently I am in love with cucumber melon from Bath & Body Works. Next I moisturize my face with benefit's total moisture and I am in love with this product, its scent, and its texture.Following that I apply my Mentha lipbalm all over my lips, so that when I wake up the next morning my lips are smooth. Lastly I brush my teeth and apply my crest whitestrip!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

braid yourself into new hair

We all have bad hair days, we all hate them, but we all try our best to make it work *tim gunn reference*. Our first day hair is fine to leave alone after a quick blow dry or a long air dry. Personally I only blow dry on occasion because my hair looks nicer when it is air dried. Now my second day hair is well optional. I am given many options to choose from, whether it be a pony tail, a bun, pinned back, half up half down, straitened, curled, or even a simple braid. Personally I would choose the braid, but lately I have been venturing out to try new styles of braids. Below are pictures and links to how to do different types of braids. Have fun weaving away a bad hair day!

Minka Kelly: 
two simple braids twisted in the back, formed together with beachy waves
 (or just wavy hair)

Lauren Conrad:
A french braid waterfalled across her head, acting as a headband that is tied together 
with a simple pony tail

Blake Lively: 
Cute simple braids (2 on each side) flowing into the beachy wavey hair

Ashley Olsen:
a basic braid attached to a bun in the back, fastened with a hair tie and whisps
 pulled in the front to create a messy look

Shaylene Woodly:
a messy fishtail braid, with whisps pulled in the front to create a messy braid

Braid Links:


Thursday, February 23, 2012

spring into some new nail polish

Spring is right around the corner and surprisingly in New York, it feels as if spring has already hit! With the new season coming the new trends are flying in! One of my favorite things about the changing of the seasons is that nail polish companies make new lines and design new colors. If you know me, you know that I love nail polish, I rarely ever have no nail polish on and that I also love changing up my nail polish colors daily. This spring the colors that are blossoming out are beautiful, but very different. Today I brought together three different nail polish brands (which i use the most) to show you what they look like.
Butter London is one of my new favorite brand of nail polishes. I own two of the colors from the spring '12 collection, and I love both of them! The colors that I have shown above are: Bossy Boots (light, opaque pistachio green. a beautiful take on neutral for this season), Slapper (s truly teal lacquer, bold and very bright.), Disco Biscuit (tropical hot pink with an undercurrent of tiny iridescent glitter particles.), Trout Pout (an opaque shade of cantaloupe, pale and retro.) and Knackered (a sheer, twinkling oyster shade flecked with micro glitter particles.) *Noted: the colors that I have up here makes up the whole collection!*

OPI is another one of my top pick nail polish's. OPI came out with their new spring line called Holland, and although I love it, I do not own any yet. The colors that I have shown above are: Thanks a Wind Million (a light sea green creme), Kiss Me on My Tulips (a hot pink creme), Vampsterdam (a deep plum with a silver frost running throughout it), I Have a Herring Problem (a dusty medium blue with gold and silver shimmer), and Did You 'ear About Van Gogh? (a light beige creme) *Noted: the colors that I have up here are just a few of the whole collection!*

Essie is beyond my all time favorite nail polish brand in the world. I love the testure and the various colors and the bottles (yes i love them too). I think that their spring collection is my favorite out of all of them. The colors that I have shown above are: navigate her (a light, bright green), orange it's obvious (a bright orange), olĂ© caliente (a red-orange with a pink undertone), a crewed interest (a luminous peach shade), to buy or not to buy (a lavender with shimmer)  *Noted: the colors that I have up here are just a few of the whole collection!*

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

would you rather be blonde or brunette?

Where do we begin? hmm... well lets go back to August 2008, freshman year preseason at field hockey. We were starting a new school, one of us knew people (and had a twin sister) the other knew no one and was scared beyond belief. The brunette was the first to speak and of course she said, "Do you watch slat?" What is slat, well it was or is the Secret Life of the American Teenager (thank you Amy and Ricky for supplying my every monday with endless gossip). The blonde gave the brunette the strangest look, and replied with a yes. That day the seed of our friendship was planted into that hot sticky turf field. 

The two girls started to get to know each other and talked more often. Between that hot 'running' on the field to crazy games in the down pour rain the girls became closer and closer. Nothing can replace the memories that we shared on that team, in that school, on those computers, or even in the mall shopping extravaganza's. 

Today we still are close, still are friends and now we decided to bind our friendship on yet again another page in our never end story book. How? Well by blogging out our minds, by updating weekly fashion trends, by showing you that we truly are the best of both worlds.  Enjoy taking a peek into our worlds and our friendship.

 all the pictures & crazy times
sisters at heart & partners in crime

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