Wednesday, February 29, 2012

spring staples

Well the leap day is just about over, which allows us to leap into spring (thank God)! I have been waiting for the spring for hmm well ever, senior year has flown by, but it is time to cruise along now. When the spring comes, so do new fashion trends, and thank God that I am a senior this year, because some of the top trends are hitting the racks, and well without the uniform (yes, no more uniform) I can wear civil clothes. I have been shopping for spring clothes already and have came up with a list of ten staple spring fashion items that are a must!

 a denim shirt is a huge deal! this one is so cute, so chic, but a tad bit pricey! this shirt definitely shows your feminine side with a cute bow collar.
shoes, shoes, shoes. my area of expertise! wedges are huge this spring and what better way to strut it out than these Steve Madden sailor knot wedges

what better way to say spring? a floral dress is the answer to that, kick out your girlie side and slip on that cute floral dress!
orange you glad this one is a staple? orange seems to be one of the killer colors this spring, and it just so happens the knot shirt is one too!

xoxo love the boyfriend blazer! a blast from the (fall) past is back and ready to be taken out of the closet and worn all around town!! rock this with a white tee, jeans and kick a** heels!

in the mall no one wants to be lugging around a huge bag, why not try a new over the shoulder style? hmmm well this satchel is perfect for anyone and everything (I love mine)!!
hello, yes operator? can you connect me to tocutetobetrue!! these shades are stunning jayy crew? waahoo!
i what? i who? oh yes i do, but not for my wedding gown. the eyelet dresses are back in town, so if you see one, grab it and go!!

ah-door-i-ball. these shoes remind me something of what my friend alanna would wear. these would make a statement, when gladiators meet tribal. brb gtg check out from asos!!

we saved the best for last! this cute bustier peplum shirt is what every girl (who can rock it) should dream of owning!! ships ahoy me matey?

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