Friday, February 24, 2012

braid yourself into new hair

We all have bad hair days, we all hate them, but we all try our best to make it work *tim gunn reference*. Our first day hair is fine to leave alone after a quick blow dry or a long air dry. Personally I only blow dry on occasion because my hair looks nicer when it is air dried. Now my second day hair is well optional. I am given many options to choose from, whether it be a pony tail, a bun, pinned back, half up half down, straitened, curled, or even a simple braid. Personally I would choose the braid, but lately I have been venturing out to try new styles of braids. Below are pictures and links to how to do different types of braids. Have fun weaving away a bad hair day!

Minka Kelly: 
two simple braids twisted in the back, formed together with beachy waves
 (or just wavy hair)

Lauren Conrad:
A french braid waterfalled across her head, acting as a headband that is tied together 
with a simple pony tail

Blake Lively: 
Cute simple braids (2 on each side) flowing into the beachy wavey hair

Ashley Olsen:
a basic braid attached to a bun in the back, fastened with a hair tie and whisps
 pulled in the front to create a messy look

Shaylene Woodly:
a messy fishtail braid, with whisps pulled in the front to create a messy braid

Braid Links:


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