Tuesday, February 21, 2012

would you rather be blonde or brunette?

Where do we begin? hmm... well lets go back to August 2008, freshman year preseason at field hockey. We were starting a new school, one of us knew people (and had a twin sister) the other knew no one and was scared beyond belief. The brunette was the first to speak and of course she said, "Do you watch slat?" What is slat, well it was or is the Secret Life of the American Teenager (thank you Amy and Ricky for supplying my every monday with endless gossip). The blonde gave the brunette the strangest look, and replied with a yes. That day the seed of our friendship was planted into that hot sticky turf field. 

The two girls started to get to know each other and talked more often. Between that hot 'running' on the field to crazy games in the down pour rain the girls became closer and closer. Nothing can replace the memories that we shared on that team, in that school, on those computers, or even in the mall shopping extravaganza's. 

Today we still are close, still are friends and now we decided to bind our friendship on yet again another page in our never end story book. How? Well by blogging out our minds, by updating weekly fashion trends, by showing you that we truly are the best of both worlds.  Enjoy taking a peek into our worlds and our friendship.

 all the pictures & crazy times
sisters at heart & partners in crime

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