Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the power of meditation

for most college students it is a totally stressful week. trust me i feel the stress all the way down to my spine. welcome to midterms aka cram week aka hectic week aka stress nation. personally i have so much to do, i have two papers, a huge art assignment, quizzes and and exam on friday. but no reason in complaining about it, its happening so its time to move forward and try to relax. the best way i find to relax is through blogging, through art, and through meditation. meditation is: the action or practice of meditating: "a life of meditation". 

in eighth grade, my homeroom teacher told us that we should meditate once every two days, if we didn't have time we should do it once every week. so every friday we would take 20 minutes out of class and just sit and meditate. she would have meditation music playing and we would put our heads down on the desk and just breathe. i wish i could say that today in the current time i carried out the tradition of meditation, but i would be lying if i said i did. just recently though, i have started it up again, taking myself to a peaceful place, away from the work and the stress. meditation is a great relaxer for the mind and the soul.
if you would like to read more on meditation, click this link.

 here are a few of the songs that i listen to when i meditate:
another great way to meditate is on a rainy night, open up your window and allow the fresh air to come in. listen to the droplets falling from the sky. this is very peaceful and relaxing. another idea is to listen to a sound machine. this is very calming and soothing.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Southern Comfort

 As my philosophy professor lectures on about Descartes’ theory on life, I cannot help myself but daydream about more important things such as…SPRING BREAK! In a week, seven of my closest friends and I will be heading down for some southern comfort. That is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! A few days of sun, sand, drinks, and good friends sounds lovely, doesn’t it? 
However, even on a lazy beach day, a girl can always look her best! Here are some swimwear ideas and clothing options, so you too can spend your break in style!  
Always, Miss C. 


 This nautical look is simple and timeless. The coral Kate Spade side bag adds a pop of color without taking away from the classic navy striped dress. With such a statement bag, I like to leave my shoes and accessories minimal. The Ray Ban tortoiseshell wayfarers add the chic "Cape Cod Kennedy" look that I just adore!

 I am obsessed with this suit! The fact that it's seersucker is just darling. The bow top is daring, yet a trend that is becoming more and more popular.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

lets ring in spring

i hope that i am not the only one who has spring fever rushing through her mind everyday (especially because it is so cold out!!) of corse i am going to miss the boots, the leggings & the chunky knit sweater, but its time to unbox your inner spring. time to take out the pastels and the neons and add some color to your life! we are loving the new styles and trends that are in store for the spring of 2O13! xx

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

it takes more than two

hey y'all! we are so excited to announce to everyone that our team is now official and has grown from its two roots with two more!! we have our blonde & brunette team set in stone and its for good, we promise! although these new ladies might not be blondes, they do add to our brunette family! we would like to extend a warm welcome to:

 is currently located in the heart of the beautiful city of new york. we are so lucky to have her on our team! she is defenetly not your everyday girl; she is able to rock that edgy look while obtaining her sense of high fashion. in her posts you will hear about the status of our lovely new york & another look at fashion {through a different style} look for her every wednesday on:  the city of neon and chrome

miss caroline :
 is residing in Washington DC and actually doesn't live too far from lindsey, she is about ten doors down! when we offered her a spot she couldn't say no, and we couldn't be happier to have her! caroline glows with elegance and can not get any more class with her fahsion. she is best dressed everyday and rocks the jackie ohh look! look for her weekly posts on friday with:  grace with a side of elegance

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

tuetorials : nailed it

they say birds of a feather fly together, well i think i can nail this saying down. so i was browsing along pintrest when all of a sudden a nail tutorial popped out at me! i saw it, fell in love and knew it was my next nail trend. this tuetorial is perfect for today and for the winter. here are some pictures to try and help guide you along!! hope you love it as much as i do! 

materials needed: 

step 1 :
 take off any excess nail polish you might have had on with the nail polish remover and with the cotton swabs. psstt it helps to let your nails soak in the nail polish remover ;)

 step 2 :
next paint your nails with any color of your choice. for today i chose essie's school of hard rocks which is a beautiful slate/moss green color. let the first coat set for 3 minutes then paint a second coat on top of the first.

 step 3 :
after allowing your nails to dry get your feather out from where ever you had bought your feather, mine is from etsy! then place the feather to your nail and leave some excess feather on the bottom to help shape it more easily to your nail. then apply top coat.

step 4 :
after waiting for the top coat to dry, take either your scissors or your nail cutters and cut off the tip of the feather to align with your nail.

step 5 :
this step is totes optional, but it looks fabulous. get out a pencil and three other matchingish nail polishes and start dotting all over, look below to see the final product!

step 6 :

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