Friday, February 22, 2013

Southern Comfort

 As my philosophy professor lectures on about Descartes’ theory on life, I cannot help myself but daydream about more important things such as…SPRING BREAK! In a week, seven of my closest friends and I will be heading down for some southern comfort. That is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! A few days of sun, sand, drinks, and good friends sounds lovely, doesn’t it? 
However, even on a lazy beach day, a girl can always look her best! Here are some swimwear ideas and clothing options, so you too can spend your break in style!  
Always, Miss C. 


 This nautical look is simple and timeless. The coral Kate Spade side bag adds a pop of color without taking away from the classic navy striped dress. With such a statement bag, I like to leave my shoes and accessories minimal. The Ray Ban tortoiseshell wayfarers add the chic "Cape Cod Kennedy" look that I just adore!

 I am obsessed with this suit! The fact that it's seersucker is just darling. The bow top is daring, yet a trend that is becoming more and more popular.

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