Tuesday, February 5, 2013

tuetorials : nailed it

they say birds of a feather fly together, well i think i can nail this saying down. so i was browsing along pintrest when all of a sudden a nail tutorial popped out at me! i saw it, fell in love and knew it was my next nail trend. this tuetorial is perfect for today and for the winter. here are some pictures to try and help guide you along!! hope you love it as much as i do! 

materials needed: 

step 1 :
 take off any excess nail polish you might have had on with the nail polish remover and with the cotton swabs. psstt it helps to let your nails soak in the nail polish remover ;)

 step 2 :
next paint your nails with any color of your choice. for today i chose essie's school of hard rocks which is a beautiful slate/moss green color. let the first coat set for 3 minutes then paint a second coat on top of the first.

 step 3 :
after allowing your nails to dry get your feather out from where ever you had bought your feather, mine is from etsy! then place the feather to your nail and leave some excess feather on the bottom to help shape it more easily to your nail. then apply top coat.

step 4 :
after waiting for the top coat to dry, take either your scissors or your nail cutters and cut off the tip of the feather to align with your nail.

step 5 :
this step is totes optional, but it looks fabulous. get out a pencil and three other matchingish nail polishes and start dotting all over, look below to see the final product!

step 6 :

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