Monday, January 28, 2013

if it moves, monogram it & a GIVEAWAY **closed

words do not describe how i feel about monograms, last year mary did a post about them and i overlooked it, thinking wharves, its just a monogram, but i am way too obsessed with them!! ask my friends what i order 24/7 on etsy... yep, monogram accessories. also check out my monogram board on pintrest click here for some more monogram goodies!!

my monogram obsession rocketed off this summer with my monogram towel head wraps!! I have three of these, one in blue, one in orange and one in green. love them to death!! they are a total life savor when i need to put on my makeup or put on my outfit without getting it wet!! click here to see Phyllis' hair wraps, they are a great price and come in some fabulous colors!!

one of my other favorties that i have gotten so many compliments on is my monogram decal on my camelbak water bottle! i absolutely love the camelbak company and this makes my bottle even more personal!! i am awe and head over heels for this and i can not wait for some more of these!! my water bottle is from amazon and mine is the green edy bottle!! i got my monogram decal on etsy!

i also got monogram iphone home buttons, but do not have a picture to display them, because i cant take a picture of my iphone on my iphone lol! but i got them from etsy and i think they are the most fabulous iphone accessories ever! 

my final and most popular monogram peice is my monogram baseball cap! i got mine again from etsy and i can not wait to flaut this out everyday this summer on the beach!! so many compliments have been thrown my way about this hat, that are obviously well deserved!!

since we owe it to you all, we wanted to do a giveaway of our favorite monogram item!! we are doing to be giving away a monogram baseball cap! you chose the color, the font, the color thread and of corse your monogram!! like us on facebook!! THIS GIVEAWAY ENDS FEBRUARY 1ST 2013 xo 

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  1. Not sure how to enter this giveaway, but I have to say I love your blog! I liked you on facebook <3


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