Thursday, July 25, 2013

whats in my shopping cart : tech week

so on monday i stopped over to our super stop and shop because i was in desperate need of some items. let me say that since monday i have been exsausted and now sick :( so this trip has been both well thought out and purchases well made. i have already used all of these items (not all up) but have made a dent in all of them.
in the cart :

two giant smart waters ; okay so im practically addicted to water, i guzzle these down in about three minutes or under. its insane but it is really good for you, especially 
throat coat ; this type of tea is a medicinal tea. i particularly do not like the taste, but it is really good for your throat, especially when you lost your voice, like me, and need some soothing!
 pomegranate & raspberry tea ; aghhh. can we say my new favorite tea. i love to put in two tea bags in a big tea cup and put a teaspoon of honey into the cup. its the perfect recipe for deliciousness
honey ; well after mentioning these two above, you can see why honey was a must have in the cart. i really do like sweeter tea so the honey is the perfect sweetness and texture for my liking
aqua net ; possibly the best hairspray for shows. it is cheap, and it keeps a good and firm hold. i just wish there were curlers that could do that too! 
bobby pins ; i think four or five packs will be good enough for the rest of the week until closing night. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

oh the thinks you can think

oh my god oh my god you guys, whoops wrong show! haha its the end of tuesday night and everything is so crazy!! the show is being altered, some costumes need tons of patches, the set is just about done and well yeah we have two more days of rehersal before the show, this is scary. pinch me, pinch me.                                                           okayy so as we can see the picture to the right, my hair is looking oh so fabuloso. tomorrow i am going to post a tutorial on the makeup and the hair for the bird girl look. i am obsessed with my pink and red feathered hair piece! i almost walked home with it, but alas i had to put it back in the costume room. to the left of me in the picture is one of my castmates who is a whickersham brotha!                   honestly this show is really coming along and now everything is becoming real and emotional. i have less than a week with these amazing people. i am so blessed to work with each an everone of them! i love them so much and appreciate all their efforts and company. xx 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

lindsey's life update : hell week

dear viewers,

warning, this week will be either a sloppy week for b&b or an amayzing (spelt wrong on purpose #seuss) week here on b&b. i have been uberly slacking on my youtube chanel and b&b, but i hope that everything will get back to normal soon! anywho (#seuss) i will get started with my update!!

okay sooooo lets begin with the past few weeks: 
work work work work work. yep thats been my life for the past well, since summer even started! i really truely love work, but sometimes it is hard to balance everything out because my work schedual is so space out. i wake up every morning around 6:45am to get to the pool by 7:05, practice starts at 7:15 (really it starts at 7:30 but same thing... right?) i love my little swimmers, they are my joy and my pride! i am so proud of everything they do and have learned since the beginning! we have had three meets so far and have won all of them (3/3 its just the way we roll) but this upcoming week we have two more, which will be toughies, both for the team and for me because i have this one tiny tiny conflict this week. yep you said it kid (#seuss) rehearsal. 6-10. all day, everyday. 
our latest meet, we did bonzaii a cheer that we dress up for, gotta say we had spirit!
lindsey : jayne : katherine : sean : jack
as many of you know i am in a show this summer, seussical (hense all the #seuss references above, and below...). i have been working of this show for about a month now, and we are headed straight into 
hell week, or in more polite terms, tech week. this week is going to be crazy, we have finally moved to our stage, but we need so much tuning up with our choreography as well as our music. im not gonna lie, im totally scared for the show! i am so excited, but so nervous!! if you are in the area this weekend please come see the show! it is ging to be amazing and we have worked so hard and long for this show
late night rehersal working on anything's possible
cast & crew

also a quick notice, this week i am dedicating the posts to seussical, to rehersals and so on. so for all of you who are not huge into the preforming arts industry, this might not be the week for you, but i will post other things along with the theatre posts! stay tuned for some amazing posts this week, featuring some awesome people!! xx 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

olay fresh effects review

hey everyone!! i hope everyone had n amazing weekend and woke up to a beautiful sunny monday morning! although this morning was an early morning, it was a refreshing one! 
over the past few days i have been using the olay fresh effects bb cream and long live moisture cream and i have been loving them. i purchased them from cvs about a week ago and started using them the day i bought them! i will say that these two are on the pricey side (both $14.99 each) but there was a buy one get one 50% off so i knew that i had to try it out!
to start off the design of the boxes is what attracted me to them! i think that their design is simple and very eye catching! these boxes may look small but they are larger than my hand, so i was happy that they were larger because they were so expensive! i also noticed that there were other products that were in the olay fresh effects line that I was so interested to try out, but decided to test these two products first
on the side of the box it tells you what each product does! for example the bb cream has six perfecting benefits : it 1) refreshes 2) brightens 3) even tones 4) hydrates 5) smoothes and 6) protects. all six of these got me and before you knew it i was back at home ripping open the boxes. 
so with any product that anyone try's out there re pro's and con's to it! listed below are some of my thoughts about the product! 
bb cream:
-the smell (to me) is a really nice smell, it smells like cucumber melon
-it is tinted so it can act as a light foundation
-it is so smooth and sleek
long live moisture:
-it is so silky and smooth on my face
-it has no smell
-it is a gel and a cream
bb cream:
- the smell can be a little bit overpowering to some people
-it makes my face shiny
-it sweats off pretty fast
long live moisture:
-it makes my upper lip sweaty (i know its weird, but its true)
i highly recommend these products, they are worth every cent you pay and they are true to what they are supposed to do!! ask me any questions if you have them!!! xx 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

on the road again

i cant believe how fast summer is going, it is hitting me like a whirlwind of everything my summer has in it. let me start off by saying that i have not been on vacation at all. and (excuse my french) it totally sucks! along with that my sister has been away at camp for a month and today i am headed on a train (like right now) to go get her from camp! i am so overjoyed to see her, but iwont even be there a full twenty four hours, it is literally so far for such a short amount of time. but since she is my sister and i love her, i would do anything for her.
not gonna lie, i feel like i am going to cry right now, but i cant because im on a train and my mascara will run and people will think im a psycho. work is crazy, rehearsal is crazier, my life in general is jsut way too crazy to handle. i wish life had breaks. i wish i could sit back and do nothing, just a day to filter everything. just reminding myself three more weeks until everything is simmered down and brought back to normal summer days.
i also want to say srry if i lack in posts, but i am trying to post ahead of time and then set it to post later in the week because i am working early mornings (some later afternoons/nights) and rehearsals. i want to keep posting as much as i can and post to youtube as much as i can. the best i can do is try. right?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

drugstore and marshals haul

as i was cleaning my room today i realized that i was lacking in some new products, so as awful as this sounds, i picked up my keys and hit the road. as i was driving i noticed that i was driving right past cvs, sooo i made a left and turned into go get some new goodies :)
**also note that in the upcoming week i will try to do a review on these products** 
O1) olay fresh effects : {bb cream} fair to light 
O2) olay fresh effects : {long live moisture!}
O3) essie sleek stick nail appliqué show me your stuff 
O4) revlon nail art moon candy milky way
O5) nyc appleicious glossy lip balm 351 caramel apple

right after i pulled into marshals mega shoe store and made a few purchases, that were basically steals.

**also note that in the upcoming week i will try to do a review on these products** 
O1) hotisox foot liner socks 
O2) pure dkny perfume set {perfume & lotion}
O3) sally hansen insta gel strips croc me up
O4) opi crackle nail polish navy shatter
O5) opi katy perry nail polish last friday night


this week so far has been the biggest emotional roller coaster i have been on the whole summer, the sad part is that it is only wednesday. i have gone through so much stuff during these pat few days but lately i am feeling upset because i try so hard and always give my all in everything i do and i feel as if i do not get noticed and sometimes i feel that my effort is not enough.
my iphone was on shuffle in the car last night and my girl katy perry was surrounding my ears with her angelic voice and music. my favorite song : firework was, normally i do not have a favorite song because i literally love music too much to pick a favorite, but after soaking in the song, the rhythm and the lyrics i realized that this song was not only my favorite, but it was so moving and motivating. dissecting each line but i will tell you my summary of the song as a whole piece. 
katy's meaning in this song (to me, personally) is that no matter how you feel, invisible, alone, scared, tired, you always have to keep trying and you will shine at the end of it all. you are a diamond in the rough and you need to show everyone what you've got and what you can do for everyone. people have to learn to ignight their inner self and feel comfortable with what they are and who they are. a firework is a beautiful substance that glows bright and goes out with a bang; katy tells her fans that that is what they should be doing and thinking like.
i know that i am so talented and caring and giving, 
and from now on instead of looking at things from a downside, slum perspective. 
i am powerful. i am passionate. i am positive. i am a firework. are you?

Monday, July 8, 2013

what's in my beach bag

this weekend was the most beautiful weekend for the beach, although it was a tad bit toasty... id rather the sun over the rain any day! when it comes to the beach though, i need to make sure i am prepared, sometimes even over prepared! here below is everything i have in my beach bag to survive! 
this is my beach bag! 
if you follow me on insta (link to the right) then you would have seen it. it is a lilly pulitzer bag that was my moms a while ago, but she retired it and handed it down to me. unfortunately it is not sold anymore. but i do have to say that it is the perfect size for the beach! 
 *sorry for the shadow*
so this all goes in a mini monogram bag i have in my beach bag and here i have my: 
coppertone sport 30 spf sunscreen
coppertone face stick 10 spf sunscreen
hawiian tropic 30 spf suncreen/lotion
my travel size not you mothers beach babe sea salt spray
a stretch large headband that my aunt got for me
a large clip (and a hair tie)
my flip flops go in my bag after i walk to our spot
 my neck pillow rests on top
my monogram water bottle 
my betsy johnson aviators with my lilly kroakies
the clothes i wore to the beach:
nike shorts and a vneck shirt
my omg ... i wish i had that bag
a sour/sweet snack <3
finally my friendship bracelet string. no summer could be complete without some of these fabulous bracelets! and my earphones all the way on the lower right for my iPhone!
what do you all pack for the beach? happy tanning, but remember that SUNSCREEN!!! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy july fourth

well here it is everyone, july fourth is finally upon us. it's too crazy to even soak in that two months have gone by since i have finished my freshman year of college. #omgscaryoldpersonmoment
but anyway this post is about my fourth of july & a recap of my day! keep reading on if your interested!
soo last night i slept over one of my friends house with about five other gals and it was so much fun, a great night of laughs and inside jokes. we woke up this morning extremely pumped for the fourth, we all had different plans, some to go to their country club, some to stick around town to go to a party and well me yeah i hit up the beach. i left my friends house after breakfast and rushed home to pack my beach bag. after spending twenty minutes debating what to pack, we were in the car and off to robert moses beach in li. my grandma came with us and thank goodness she did because without her i would have been bored out of my mind. 
going to the beach is a ton of fun.... if you have friends there, cousins with you or a mother who likes doing more than laying in the sun. call me crazy but i really dont like just laying out on the beach. i mean i love getting tan, but i would much rather swim in the ocean than sit on the shore frying up. well after slabbing on some sunscreen and laying out for about seven minutes i hit the ocean, but a rude awakening of 50* water hit me. my feet were numb, i could not bare to stand in the water or bask in the sun on shore, so i just sat and talked to my grandma. we stayed at the beach for a few hours and then after me complaining (non stop) we heading back home. 
its crazy because all day i was yelling at my mom saying she is gonna get burned and gonna be sorry that when we came home turns out my back was as red as a lifeguard's baithing suit, and my mom was as tan as well she was just very tan. thats when i got so angry that i just made a bbq dinner for my family and chilled outside. what a day. what a day. and a tiring one as well. happy fourth to all! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

being blair

tonight my friends were chatting about gossip girl and of corse i had to pop over to netflix to watch some old episodes of gossip girl. i made some realizations while i was watching the show.

i realized that blair and i have so many personal qualities in common with each other.

this is interesting because blair waldorf (as well as leighton me ester) have been role models for me. yes i know this sounds so vain and very weird but she is who i aspire to be like. blair is also a hopeless romantic who idolizes Audrey Hepburn, classic movies and upscale traditions, but whose sensitive side often clashes with her tendency to be bitchy and controlling. if you know me, you know that this perfectly describes me.
her style is ahmazing. it is so bold and she wears so many articles of clothing that are both quirky (yet she rocks them) and perfect. she is the perfect girly girl. she is the perfect stylist. the perfect girl who plots revenge perfect. she is just way too perfect. if i could be any girl, i would be blair waldorf. 
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