Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy july fourth

well here it is everyone, july fourth is finally upon us. it's too crazy to even soak in that two months have gone by since i have finished my freshman year of college. #omgscaryoldpersonmoment
but anyway this post is about my fourth of july & a recap of my day! keep reading on if your interested!
soo last night i slept over one of my friends house with about five other gals and it was so much fun, a great night of laughs and inside jokes. we woke up this morning extremely pumped for the fourth, we all had different plans, some to go to their country club, some to stick around town to go to a party and well me yeah i hit up the beach. i left my friends house after breakfast and rushed home to pack my beach bag. after spending twenty minutes debating what to pack, we were in the car and off to robert moses beach in li. my grandma came with us and thank goodness she did because without her i would have been bored out of my mind. 
going to the beach is a ton of fun.... if you have friends there, cousins with you or a mother who likes doing more than laying in the sun. call me crazy but i really dont like just laying out on the beach. i mean i love getting tan, but i would much rather swim in the ocean than sit on the shore frying up. well after slabbing on some sunscreen and laying out for about seven minutes i hit the ocean, but a rude awakening of 50* water hit me. my feet were numb, i could not bare to stand in the water or bask in the sun on shore, so i just sat and talked to my grandma. we stayed at the beach for a few hours and then after me complaining (non stop) we heading back home. 
its crazy because all day i was yelling at my mom saying she is gonna get burned and gonna be sorry that when we came home turns out my back was as red as a lifeguard's baithing suit, and my mom was as tan as well she was just very tan. thats when i got so angry that i just made a bbq dinner for my family and chilled outside. what a day. what a day. and a tiring one as well. happy fourth to all! 

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