Sunday, July 21, 2013

lindsey's life update : hell week

dear viewers,

warning, this week will be either a sloppy week for b&b or an amayzing (spelt wrong on purpose #seuss) week here on b&b. i have been uberly slacking on my youtube chanel and b&b, but i hope that everything will get back to normal soon! anywho (#seuss) i will get started with my update!!

okay sooooo lets begin with the past few weeks: 
work work work work work. yep thats been my life for the past well, since summer even started! i really truely love work, but sometimes it is hard to balance everything out because my work schedual is so space out. i wake up every morning around 6:45am to get to the pool by 7:05, practice starts at 7:15 (really it starts at 7:30 but same thing... right?) i love my little swimmers, they are my joy and my pride! i am so proud of everything they do and have learned since the beginning! we have had three meets so far and have won all of them (3/3 its just the way we roll) but this upcoming week we have two more, which will be toughies, both for the team and for me because i have this one tiny tiny conflict this week. yep you said it kid (#seuss) rehearsal. 6-10. all day, everyday. 
our latest meet, we did bonzaii a cheer that we dress up for, gotta say we had spirit!
lindsey : jayne : katherine : sean : jack
as many of you know i am in a show this summer, seussical (hense all the #seuss references above, and below...). i have been working of this show for about a month now, and we are headed straight into 
hell week, or in more polite terms, tech week. this week is going to be crazy, we have finally moved to our stage, but we need so much tuning up with our choreography as well as our music. im not gonna lie, im totally scared for the show! i am so excited, but so nervous!! if you are in the area this weekend please come see the show! it is ging to be amazing and we have worked so hard and long for this show
late night rehersal working on anything's possible
cast & crew

also a quick notice, this week i am dedicating the posts to seussical, to rehersals and so on. so for all of you who are not huge into the preforming arts industry, this might not be the week for you, but i will post other things along with the theatre posts! stay tuned for some amazing posts this week, featuring some awesome people!! xx 

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