Monday, July 1, 2013

being blair

tonight my friends were chatting about gossip girl and of corse i had to pop over to netflix to watch some old episodes of gossip girl. i made some realizations while i was watching the show.

i realized that blair and i have so many personal qualities in common with each other.

this is interesting because blair waldorf (as well as leighton me ester) have been role models for me. yes i know this sounds so vain and very weird but she is who i aspire to be like. blair is also a hopeless romantic who idolizes Audrey Hepburn, classic movies and upscale traditions, but whose sensitive side often clashes with her tendency to be bitchy and controlling. if you know me, you know that this perfectly describes me.
her style is ahmazing. it is so bold and she wears so many articles of clothing that are both quirky (yet she rocks them) and perfect. she is the perfect girly girl. she is the perfect stylist. the perfect girl who plots revenge perfect. she is just way too perfect. if i could be any girl, i would be blair waldorf. 

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