Saturday, July 13, 2013

on the road again

i cant believe how fast summer is going, it is hitting me like a whirlwind of everything my summer has in it. let me start off by saying that i have not been on vacation at all. and (excuse my french) it totally sucks! along with that my sister has been away at camp for a month and today i am headed on a train (like right now) to go get her from camp! i am so overjoyed to see her, but iwont even be there a full twenty four hours, it is literally so far for such a short amount of time. but since she is my sister and i love her, i would do anything for her.
not gonna lie, i feel like i am going to cry right now, but i cant because im on a train and my mascara will run and people will think im a psycho. work is crazy, rehearsal is crazier, my life in general is jsut way too crazy to handle. i wish life had breaks. i wish i could sit back and do nothing, just a day to filter everything. just reminding myself three more weeks until everything is simmered down and brought back to normal summer days.
i also want to say srry if i lack in posts, but i am trying to post ahead of time and then set it to post later in the week because i am working early mornings (some later afternoons/nights) and rehearsals. i want to keep posting as much as i can and post to youtube as much as i can. the best i can do is try. right?

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