Monday, July 8, 2013

what's in my beach bag

this weekend was the most beautiful weekend for the beach, although it was a tad bit toasty... id rather the sun over the rain any day! when it comes to the beach though, i need to make sure i am prepared, sometimes even over prepared! here below is everything i have in my beach bag to survive! 
this is my beach bag! 
if you follow me on insta (link to the right) then you would have seen it. it is a lilly pulitzer bag that was my moms a while ago, but she retired it and handed it down to me. unfortunately it is not sold anymore. but i do have to say that it is the perfect size for the beach! 
 *sorry for the shadow*
so this all goes in a mini monogram bag i have in my beach bag and here i have my: 
coppertone sport 30 spf sunscreen
coppertone face stick 10 spf sunscreen
hawiian tropic 30 spf suncreen/lotion
my travel size not you mothers beach babe sea salt spray
a stretch large headband that my aunt got for me
a large clip (and a hair tie)
my flip flops go in my bag after i walk to our spot
 my neck pillow rests on top
my monogram water bottle 
my betsy johnson aviators with my lilly kroakies
the clothes i wore to the beach:
nike shorts and a vneck shirt
my omg ... i wish i had that bag
a sour/sweet snack <3
finally my friendship bracelet string. no summer could be complete without some of these fabulous bracelets! and my earphones all the way on the lower right for my iPhone!
what do you all pack for the beach? happy tanning, but remember that SUNSCREEN!!! 

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