Tuesday, July 16, 2013

olay fresh effects review

hey everyone!! i hope everyone had n amazing weekend and woke up to a beautiful sunny monday morning! although this morning was an early morning, it was a refreshing one! 
over the past few days i have been using the olay fresh effects bb cream and long live moisture cream and i have been loving them. i purchased them from cvs about a week ago and started using them the day i bought them! i will say that these two are on the pricey side (both $14.99 each) but there was a buy one get one 50% off so i knew that i had to try it out!
to start off the design of the boxes is what attracted me to them! i think that their design is simple and very eye catching! these boxes may look small but they are larger than my hand, so i was happy that they were larger because they were so expensive! i also noticed that there were other products that were in the olay fresh effects line that I was so interested to try out, but decided to test these two products first
on the side of the box it tells you what each product does! for example the bb cream has six perfecting benefits : it 1) refreshes 2) brightens 3) even tones 4) hydrates 5) smoothes and 6) protects. all six of these got me and before you knew it i was back at home ripping open the boxes. 
so with any product that anyone try's out there re pro's and con's to it! listed below are some of my thoughts about the product! 
bb cream:
-the smell (to me) is a really nice smell, it smells like cucumber melon
-it is tinted so it can act as a light foundation
-it is so smooth and sleek
long live moisture:
-it is so silky and smooth on my face
-it has no smell
-it is a gel and a cream
bb cream:
- the smell can be a little bit overpowering to some people
-it makes my face shiny
-it sweats off pretty fast
long live moisture:
-it makes my upper lip sweaty (i know its weird, but its true)
i highly recommend these products, they are worth every cent you pay and they are true to what they are supposed to do!! ask me any questions if you have them!!! xx 

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