Wednesday, July 10, 2013


this week so far has been the biggest emotional roller coaster i have been on the whole summer, the sad part is that it is only wednesday. i have gone through so much stuff during these pat few days but lately i am feeling upset because i try so hard and always give my all in everything i do and i feel as if i do not get noticed and sometimes i feel that my effort is not enough.
my iphone was on shuffle in the car last night and my girl katy perry was surrounding my ears with her angelic voice and music. my favorite song : firework was, normally i do not have a favorite song because i literally love music too much to pick a favorite, but after soaking in the song, the rhythm and the lyrics i realized that this song was not only my favorite, but it was so moving and motivating. dissecting each line but i will tell you my summary of the song as a whole piece. 
katy's meaning in this song (to me, personally) is that no matter how you feel, invisible, alone, scared, tired, you always have to keep trying and you will shine at the end of it all. you are a diamond in the rough and you need to show everyone what you've got and what you can do for everyone. people have to learn to ignight their inner self and feel comfortable with what they are and who they are. a firework is a beautiful substance that glows bright and goes out with a bang; katy tells her fans that that is what they should be doing and thinking like.
i know that i am so talented and caring and giving, 
and from now on instead of looking at things from a downside, slum perspective. 
i am powerful. i am passionate. i am positive. i am a firework. are you?

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