Tuesday, January 7, 2014

david's tea collection

hi guys! so if you follow me/are subscribed to me on yotube, you will have seen that i have a new video up ft. alanna. this past weekend we went to boston to visit our friend jack. it was a ton of fun and a weekend i will never forget! we went shopping also this weekend around various places in
 boston so check out my youtube boston haul to see everything i got! 
we also were able to stop and go shopping in one of my favorite places : david's tea
ohmygod you guys. this tea, is not only extremely affordable, but it is so delicious and amazing! i have been to david's tea about two times before this, picking up a tin of tea, but this time, lets just say i went a little bit crazy! the workers at this particular store were so chill, and so so very helpful!
 so lets get into my david's tea collection / what tea's i purchased!

soo you should know that when you go to david's tea, you can not possibly go in there and leave with one tea. alanna left with three and jack left with two. i left with seven. yeah i know, im kinda crazy.

the first tea that i picked up has to be my favorite tea that i think i have ever had. (it even beats the starbucks passion fruit tea ... that says a lot) haha so this tea is called green & fruity this tea is so beautiful and so soothing. it has a ton of mango and papaya in it and the other key ingredients are south african green and red rooibos*, apple, mango, candied papaya, natural and artificial flavouring*. 
i literally had 4 cups of it today. im scared i might run out before i head off to school! 
i personally love this tea with a tsp. of honey
its my cup of perfection. look out diet coke.

the next tea i got is the fantasy island tea which is such an extrodinary tea. it really is a seasonal tea, but honestly can be made any day for a pick me up. the coconut and the raspberry really do seep through and gain the tea a potent taste and scent. the other ingredients in this tea are black tea**, coconut, raspberries, natural and artificial flavouring*. this tea can surely take you away to that tropical island any day, steep a cup and sip up!
i love this tea on its own, no sugar needed. 
with sugar it is very sweet and powerful

oh my glitter you guys. this tea, glitter & gold has to be the most beautiful tea ever (looks wise) it literally steeps gold into your tea and makes it all metallic! it is perfect for any pick me up day or for just because. the ingredients in this tea are chinese black tea, gold sugar balls, sugar cystals, lemon peel, cloves, vanilla, natural and artificial cinnamon flavouring*.
i personally love this tea on a cold 
winter night with two tsps. of sugar

another favorite that i snatched was the strawberry rhubarb parfait. you guys, if you love strawberries and yogurt, you need to get this tea! it is honestly such an extraordinary tea that you can not pick up at your local grocery store. it is a special blend that makes your tastebuds go crazy. the ingredients in this beauty are apple, hibiscus, raisins, carrot, yogurt bits, beetroot, strawberry, rhubarb, artificial flavouring*.
i personally think this tea goes amazing with some sugar cookies 
and two tsp. of sugar.  cookies on the side of corse haha

if mary poppins was around, this would be the tea that she would be brewing in her kettle. the earl's garden tea is such a relaxing tea that can literally do wonders for anyone who is having a bad day. this black tea is the most colorful shade of black i have ever seen. some of the ingredients inside include, black ceylon tea, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, blue cornflowers, calendula petals, bergamot oil, natural and artificial flavouring*.
i personally brew this tea with hot water and then 
set it over some ice cubes and add a tsp. of honey.

oh snap, crackle, pop. the goji pop tea has to, has to be the fruttiest tea i have ever tasted! it is so rich and sweet. one wiff of this stuff and your mind will be sent off to summertime. the ingredients that support this summertime time are apple, goji berries, hibiscus, rosehips, honeydew melon, marigold petals. with artificial flavouring*.
this tea would go swimmingly over ice. add some sugar, 
not too much, but some and your in paradise 

last, but certainly not least, is the honey bee tea. this reminds me so much of the book the help, and i have absolutely no clue why. the taste of it reminds me of what tea mrs. leefolt would drink, something sweet and with honey. its too perfect, and the ingredients that help this perfection are some red and green rooibos, honeybush, green mate, lemon bits, lemon myrtle, calendula petals, blue cornflowers. with artificial and natural flavouring*.
add just a tsp of honey to this blend 
and your tastebuds will be buzzing.

have you tried any david's tea?
 if so what is your favorite kind, or what kind would you recommend?

Friday, January 3, 2014

diy : return postal labels

hey guys! so after many hours browsing and pinning on pintrest, i found a pin on how to make return labels for like mail and letters and such. i made some of my own and i am in love love love with them! so i thought it would be a cute diy to share with you guys! i hope you enjoy. xx 

o1. First you wanna start by opening up Microsoft Word. Go ahead and create a “New From Template” document and search in the search box (in the upper right hand corner) label, then go ahead and click label wizard. This is what should have popped up : 

o2. Go ahead and enter in your address into the little box. after that make sure that you have selected  Full page of same label NOT  Single label! Press okay and after your page 
should look a little something like mine did :

(mind you this is a made up address haha i do not actually live there)

o3. Lets move on the the pictures and the fonts and the colors! Find a image you would like to use. I wanted something colorful and cute, so i found this watercolor little bow and watercolor jack rodgers. Then proceed to copy and paste it into the document and adjust the size. (you might have to mess around with it for a little : it helps if you make the image square and adjust it that way! Place it in the front of each label (it might be easy just to copy and paste into each little address). 
After doing so it should look a little something like this :

o4. You might need to adjust your font in order to get the font you want and the picture to fit! I went ahead and changed to colors of my font to a mauve color and a darker green color! I also used the Century Gothic font in size 11, but you can really use any font or color of your liking.

o5. In order to print them, your gonna need sticky labels which you can find them at your local office supply store, such as Staples (thats where I purchased mine). I highly recommend using Avery labels, personally i think they work the best! PSST : You might wanna do a test run on a clean sheet of paper first to ensure that you like your design and that they will fit!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

december photo recap

o1. my bestest of the best gals. love ya al and i miss ya chickkaa. #13days 
o2. my amazingly perfect little mermaid ornament from my sorority's secret santa swap. thanks marina! 
o3. classic matching pj sister pic on christmas eve o4. 2014 is on its way and better bring me something good o5. my ice outfit #selfiesunday moment o6. dc's first snow fall o7. oh my gawd you guys. this has to by my favorite ever. im obsessed, ask anyone *coughcough kerry&jenna&itunes* 
o8. we ain't no wifey o9. my amazing picture for my perfectly perfect room 

Monday, December 23, 2013

christmas bedroom decorating idea's

sooo as per usual, plans have changed here in my house and I'm home for christmas ... well off to nyc for christmas eve and home for christmas day. but when arriving home i walked into both a messy and blue (literally though my room is blue) room. sooo i decided to clean up and dress it up.
after looking at alanna's blog, i was inspired to post this. so here are a few easy 
last minute decorations and some diy idea's for your bedroom for christmas.

if you have browsed over at alanna's post you can see that she and i did the same thing. these have been in my room since august. i decided that instead of having them go up and down on the walls, i just put them around my headboard. i used lights that have white wire so that they would match my headboard as well as my room. 

if your friends with me on facebook, or if you follow me on twitter, you will see that i made a diy video on how to make these super cute and easy mason jar snowglobes. also i purchased a candle from marshals with a christmas scent to it : Candy Shope Peppermint Bark.

many of you know that i keep blair, my mannequin, up all year round and since my senior prom she has been rockin this dress. i decided to add a little christmas spirit to her and put on the red chrimson bubble necklace that my big bree gave to me for my birthday. i also put my red bathrobe over her for a wintery chill effect and topped her off (literally) with my santa hat. how preshh, right? 

now up above my little night table stand if my white baby shelf. i have had this in my room since i was a baby, it has moved with me and gone through so much, but alas it still remains in tact. soo i took off all my blue decorations and added some garland i got at michaels for 70% off. i also went sifting through my basement for some old vintage christmas decorations and i found these old pals. three nutcrackers, each from different versions of the nutcracker i performed in, a mouse stuffed animal back from '94 and some vintage christmas ornament escc candle holders! 

ahhh literally my favorite part of my room. my first teddy bear with his christmas santa robe finally was resurrected. then i went ahead and made this awesome centerpiece from my old vase and old wreath trinckets. this literally adds that vintage vibe to my room and i am completly obsessed.

{ pssst. also check out my upcoming  post on how to make this fresh and presh christmas pine 
centerpiece/decoration for your room or your christmas table }

last but not least, I put up my classic red christmas tree (not pictured) and its fake sorry i hate fake christmas trees. #sorrynotsorry but below i found some old plaid fabric that i used for the skirt of the tree and i made these little peppermint boxes with two tray boxes i picked up at the dollar store. i simply glued those two together and fit some white tissue paper between the handles to make it look a little bit more like a peppermint candy. so cute, so fun, so easy.  

** also feel free to check out my room tour from this summer, some things have changed, but if you were wondering, this is what my room looks like, on the off christmas season! **

Thursday, December 19, 2013

haulidays : drugstore haul

lindsey is back home and thank goodness!! i have had the most amazing weekend with two of my very good friends in new york city! we had so much fun venturing out into the big nyc and saw two broadway shows, took a midnight adventure tour, tried chestnut (they are repulsive and its without the shell) and we basically took on nyc in about 50+ hours!

with being home that means i get to drive, which means i get to go shopping!! i swear i should be a personal shopper when i am older haha! but anyways, this everything i got yesterday at the drugstore. its not really much of a haul, but hey it counts as a haul, right? 


what i got : 

jergens natural glow foam : i have used this before, reccomended by lanni and schmegzz, but this one was on sale for $2.50 at my local cvs sooo with me being snow white and all, i popped it into my cart hoping to be that bronze goddess... well maybe. 

ice breakers ice cubes in spearmint : i have had this gum in my car i think since i have even owned my own car. this was a total must, especially because im out of all of my old pack (thanks mom and dad).

burts bee's ultra conditioning lip balm : oh my gosh you guys. i have never ever tried this one from burt's bees before, but i am in utter love with it, although it does make my lips a little white... it still makes them super lush and super soft.

carmex cherry lip balm : i have never used carmex before, megs told me to try it a bunch of time because she uses it like 24/7 (but she loves the vaseline one haha) so i was like why not just get myself a third chapstick. i really like it, not my favorite, but it helps condition your lips. 

eos sweet mint chapstick : i can not tell you all how much i love this product. i never finish a chastic and i finished this little guy in a semester, soooo i had to get another one, along with the other chappies. 

venus spa breeze razor : okay, so this was my first time getting a "grown up razor" haha i have used my other one from venus for about well since 6th grade now and decided to move onto a smaller and more powerful one. i used it last night you guys and i am obsessed! it got everything off, like POOF.

rose paper mask : i have never used this before, until about twenty minutes ago!! if your friends with me on snapchat, or if your ali or ej, you would have seen my phantom face from this mask but it seriously works wonders & makes your face smell like roses. 

simple faacial cleansing whipes : soooo after watching lindsey (not me) beautybaby44 on youtube for like ever, i have heard her, as well as other youtubers thrive about these makeup remover whipes. at first i was like umm theses dont work, well they actually do, it just takes time (like longer than i am used to) but it really gets EVERYTHING off!! i absolutely love em. 

skintamate mango shaving cream : literally the best shaving cream in the universe. this is like five bucks and it lasts like forever!! and above all, i absolutely love the scent of this shaving cream.

scunci hairties : these are such a classic purchase for myself. although i love my diy homemade hair ties, these ones really hold my messy buns up and together. 

dove deodorant : sooo finding a perfect deodorant has been a struggle for a while now, and i have been using a bunch of different brands, but for some reason i picked up this one, love the consistancy of it and love love love the scent, it is so pure and fresh. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

finals week : as told by disney characters

soo finals week has hit us college students hard. like a brick wall, or in miley cyrus' case, a wrecking ball. lately i have been going on facebook during my study breaks and have seen so many funny different articles for finals, so idecided that with the help of some of my disney pals, i could show you guys how my finals week has looked and is going to look. i hope you enjoy & good luck on finals!! 
sunday night before finals week hits and everyone and their mother hits the library, no they book it :

after looking for what seems to be hours you finally find a table in the library that you can sit at with your friends and you're all like: 

so you sit down and start working/studying and then the next thing you know, 
two hours later you are on pintrest looking up crafts & food. then your friends start hardcore judging:

but then you realize you have another two more days until the final, so its really
 no big deal and you just let it roll off and continue studying:

 after about another hour or so of doing work, you just are so sick of doing work and want to procrastinate, but all your friends are working really hard, so you just force yourself to push through it:

at the library your friends are all like :

and then you're stittin there like : 

you realize that it is around midnight and your friends are all leaving
 because they are tired, but you remind them that sleep is for the weak :

then about a half hour later you find yourself packing up to go
 back to your room and to study there, but then this ends up happening:

when you finally see your friends the next day, 
you ask them how their finals went and they are all like: 

they all say that they all failed their finals,  
but you're there to reassure them: 

so after eating chipotle and visiting starbucks for the millionth time, you all just go back to the library, searching high and low for a seat, or a table. of corse there are no seats to sit at so you 
go into different a building looking for a room to study in and you're like:

you finally find a room and so you sit down to power though all your work. 
after a solid two hours you feel so confident about all the material and are so prepared for the final:

so after about ten thousand hour of studying you and your friends are all like : 

so you head back to your room to get a good nights sleep before the big final. 
then the next morning you wake up and realize you forgot to 
study about three chapters and your screwed:

and then you text your mom freaking out and 
then your mom replies :

so your just like :

and then you ralize your test is in fifteen minutes and its 
all the way across campus, so you book it...like its your job :

you get there, take the test and actually think you did fine.
 so you leave that room and your just like: 

then finals are finally over, and you and your friends are all like: 

then you get an email from your professors that grades are up, 
so you check and then this happens :

so you text your friends asking them how they did and they all 
text you back saying that they basically all got A's and you're like:

so you just roll it off, you did well for the most part. you dont 
have to think about school for another month:

then in the car ride home your parents are 
all like "how did you do on finals?" and your just like:

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