Tuesday, December 10, 2013

finals week : as told by disney characters

soo finals week has hit us college students hard. like a brick wall, or in miley cyrus' case, a wrecking ball. lately i have been going on facebook during my study breaks and have seen so many funny different articles for finals, so idecided that with the help of some of my disney pals, i could show you guys how my finals week has looked and is going to look. i hope you enjoy & good luck on finals!! 
sunday night before finals week hits and everyone and their mother hits the library, no they book it :

after looking for what seems to be hours you finally find a table in the library that you can sit at with your friends and you're all like: 

so you sit down and start working/studying and then the next thing you know, 
two hours later you are on pintrest looking up crafts & food. then your friends start hardcore judging:

but then you realize you have another two more days until the final, so its really
 no big deal and you just let it roll off and continue studying:

 after about another hour or so of doing work, you just are so sick of doing work and want to procrastinate, but all your friends are working really hard, so you just force yourself to push through it:

at the library your friends are all like :

and then you're stittin there like : 

you realize that it is around midnight and your friends are all leaving
 because they are tired, but you remind them that sleep is for the weak :

then about a half hour later you find yourself packing up to go
 back to your room and to study there, but then this ends up happening:

when you finally see your friends the next day, 
you ask them how their finals went and they are all like: 

they all say that they all failed their finals,  
but you're there to reassure them: 

so after eating chipotle and visiting starbucks for the millionth time, you all just go back to the library, searching high and low for a seat, or a table. of corse there are no seats to sit at so you 
go into different a building looking for a room to study in and you're like:

you finally find a room and so you sit down to power though all your work. 
after a solid two hours you feel so confident about all the material and are so prepared for the final:

so after about ten thousand hour of studying you and your friends are all like : 

so you head back to your room to get a good nights sleep before the big final. 
then the next morning you wake up and realize you forgot to 
study about three chapters and your screwed:

and then you text your mom freaking out and 
then your mom replies :

so your just like :

and then you ralize your test is in fifteen minutes and its 
all the way across campus, so you book it...like its your job :

you get there, take the test and actually think you did fine.
 so you leave that room and your just like: 

then finals are finally over, and you and your friends are all like: 

then you get an email from your professors that grades are up, 
so you check and then this happens :

so you text your friends asking them how they did and they all 
text you back saying that they basically all got A's and you're like:

so you just roll it off, you did well for the most part. you dont 
have to think about school for another month:

then in the car ride home your parents are 
all like "how did you do on finals?" and your just like:

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