Monday, December 23, 2013

christmas bedroom decorating idea's

sooo as per usual, plans have changed here in my house and I'm home for christmas ... well off to nyc for christmas eve and home for christmas day. but when arriving home i walked into both a messy and blue (literally though my room is blue) room. sooo i decided to clean up and dress it up.
after looking at alanna's blog, i was inspired to post this. so here are a few easy 
last minute decorations and some diy idea's for your bedroom for christmas.

if you have browsed over at alanna's post you can see that she and i did the same thing. these have been in my room since august. i decided that instead of having them go up and down on the walls, i just put them around my headboard. i used lights that have white wire so that they would match my headboard as well as my room. 

if your friends with me on facebook, or if you follow me on twitter, you will see that i made a diy video on how to make these super cute and easy mason jar snowglobes. also i purchased a candle from marshals with a christmas scent to it : Candy Shope Peppermint Bark.

many of you know that i keep blair, my mannequin, up all year round and since my senior prom she has been rockin this dress. i decided to add a little christmas spirit to her and put on the red chrimson bubble necklace that my big bree gave to me for my birthday. i also put my red bathrobe over her for a wintery chill effect and topped her off (literally) with my santa hat. how preshh, right? 

now up above my little night table stand if my white baby shelf. i have had this in my room since i was a baby, it has moved with me and gone through so much, but alas it still remains in tact. soo i took off all my blue decorations and added some garland i got at michaels for 70% off. i also went sifting through my basement for some old vintage christmas decorations and i found these old pals. three nutcrackers, each from different versions of the nutcracker i performed in, a mouse stuffed animal back from '94 and some vintage christmas ornament escc candle holders! 

ahhh literally my favorite part of my room. my first teddy bear with his christmas santa robe finally was resurrected. then i went ahead and made this awesome centerpiece from my old vase and old wreath trinckets. this literally adds that vintage vibe to my room and i am completly obsessed.

{ pssst. also check out my upcoming  post on how to make this fresh and presh christmas pine 
centerpiece/decoration for your room or your christmas table }

last but not least, I put up my classic red christmas tree (not pictured) and its fake sorry i hate fake christmas trees. #sorrynotsorry but below i found some old plaid fabric that i used for the skirt of the tree and i made these little peppermint boxes with two tray boxes i picked up at the dollar store. i simply glued those two together and fit some white tissue paper between the handles to make it look a little bit more like a peppermint candy. so cute, so fun, so easy.  

** also feel free to check out my room tour from this summer, some things have changed, but if you were wondering, this is what my room looks like, on the off christmas season! **

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