101 in 1001

My 1001 days started on December 11, 2013, which means i have to have completed all of these by September 7, 2016. I started this before I finished my list (as you can tell that was one of them), but I am currently working on it! By the time I have finished this list I should have graduated college and be living in nyc and doing something that i love to do. To make it easier for myself I have made subcategories within the 101 goals I have made. 

: items that are italicized are in progress :
: items that are crossed off have been completed :

1. loose 15 more pounds

2. get to my ultimate goal weight

3. make healthy food choices for myself

4. do sit ups and crunches three times a week (before you shower)

5. brush my teeth three times a day 

6. meditate once a day

7. remove my makeup every night 

8.  change my sleeping habits

9. look into purchasing an UP band

10. go to more ZUMBA classes with mom and jb

11. stay organized throughout the semester

12. look over my notes after taking them in class everyday

13. make 1,00 flashcards 

14. pull an all nighter in mullen 

15. become a chair in my sorority {december 8, 2013}

16. be on eboard in my sorority

17. join or be apart of another organization besides ktg

18. take a sign language class

19. go to see a show on campus

20. participate in a campus ministry event

21. live off campus in an apartment or house

22. study abroad at some point during college

23. get a boy little & a girl little {september 28, 2013}

24. make the deans list

25. jump in the law school fountain {september 18, 2013}

26. make a scrapbook of college memories before graduation

27. take an online class

28. deactivate my facebook (not permanently)

29. take another drama class

30. leave my mark on campus

31. give up online shopping for at least three weeks

32. invest in a new car with my own money

33. create a monthly college student spending budget & stick to it

34. take over all the bills my parents are paying for me

35. make more, buy less 

36. dump all of my change jar and get the money for it

37. start a new one year only change jar

38. track all of my spending for a month

39. save my receipts for a month and see how much i saved/spent 

40. dont spend money for at least two weeks

41. go to a vineyard 

42. read 25 books

43. get a dress from lilly pulitzer

44. purchase jack rodgers 

45. see big fish on broadway {december 15, 2013}

46. organize my basement for/with my mom

47. go to a katy perry concert

48. purchase a lottery ticket

49. splurge on something that i have wanted forever

50. watch all the episodes of sex & the city

51. make 5 things from my recipies board on pintrest

52. spend a week in the summer at my beach house with friends

53. learn how to surf/buy a surf board 

54. do a movie theater marathon: 3 movies, 1 day

55. go scuba diving 

56. own a new DSLR camera

57. write or draw in a diary everyday for a year

58.start going to mass on sunday or saturday night 

59. memorize/write down 30 verses

60. go on a retreat or a mission trip

61. visit the statue of liberty

62. go on a carriage ride in central park

63. go to the museum of modern art

64. go to a broadway show {december 15, 16, 2013}

65. go to the new york public library

66. try hot nuts off the street, even though they are gross {december 15, 2013}

67. go monument hopping

68. go to five different museums in dc

69. visit the national zoo

70. go see a theatrical show in dc

71. get my palm read again in georgetown

72. go to paris and see the effiel tower

73. attend a taping of  the ellen degeneres show

74. ride in a hellicopter or a hot air balloon

75. go to monte carlo

76. go away on vacation with just jb

77. take an entirely spontaneous trip somewhere, absolutely no planning allowed

78. go on a cruise

79. go on a road trip with friends in the summer

80. go to disney

81. go to the hollywood walk of fame

82. take a weekend trip to a different city

83. make jenna a scrapbook of her high school years

84. get jenna a facbook, not her fake one...

85. buy jenna a dog

86. take a shot with jenna (when she is older)

87. buy jenna something that she has always wanted

88. film the sister tag with jenna

89. get professional pictures taken of us

90. have jenna come stay with me in dc for a night or the weekend

91. have 200,000 views on youtube

92. go to a youtube convention

93. have 1,000 subscribers on youtube

94. have 1,000 followers on instagram

95. get 250 followers on my personal tumblr

96. get 50,000 views on blonde and brunette

97. tweet 20,000 times 

98. inspire someone to make a 101 in 1001 list

99. finish brainstorming my 101 list  {december 11, 2013}

100. make a 21 before 21 list

101. do some hardcore celebrating when you finish this list

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