Friday, January 3, 2014

diy : return postal labels

hey guys! so after many hours browsing and pinning on pintrest, i found a pin on how to make return labels for like mail and letters and such. i made some of my own and i am in love love love with them! so i thought it would be a cute diy to share with you guys! i hope you enjoy. xx 

o1. First you wanna start by opening up Microsoft Word. Go ahead and create a “New From Template” document and search in the search box (in the upper right hand corner) label, then go ahead and click label wizard. This is what should have popped up : 

o2. Go ahead and enter in your address into the little box. after that make sure that you have selected  Full page of same label NOT  Single label! Press okay and after your page 
should look a little something like mine did :

(mind you this is a made up address haha i do not actually live there)

o3. Lets move on the the pictures and the fonts and the colors! Find a image you would like to use. I wanted something colorful and cute, so i found this watercolor little bow and watercolor jack rodgers. Then proceed to copy and paste it into the document and adjust the size. (you might have to mess around with it for a little : it helps if you make the image square and adjust it that way! Place it in the front of each label (it might be easy just to copy and paste into each little address). 
After doing so it should look a little something like this :

o4. You might need to adjust your font in order to get the font you want and the picture to fit! I went ahead and changed to colors of my font to a mauve color and a darker green color! I also used the Century Gothic font in size 11, but you can really use any font or color of your liking.

o5. In order to print them, your gonna need sticky labels which you can find them at your local office supply store, such as Staples (thats where I purchased mine). I highly recommend using Avery labels, personally i think they work the best! PSST : You might wanna do a test run on a clean sheet of paper first to ensure that you like your design and that they will fit!

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