Friday, September 27, 2013

september photo recap

O1. a picture that my big's boyfriend took of me for our photography class (it was my idea) O2. with the best miss alanna O3. my favorite album of the month, katy has gotten me through so much O4. a tbt my grandpa and i, #rippaca O5. the frame that i crafted for a friend O6. the new iOS7, mixed feelings about this O7. me and my new best friend, ariel #princessmermaidprobs O8. skyping with the lovely miss megan O9. reppin the kappas 1O. my new favorite store : the palm 11. my twin & i
12. the color run victory jump

long time no chat.

so last night and this morning it has been brought to my attention that blonde and brunette and myself in the bloging and youtube world have fallen off the face of the universe! i wanted to say how sorry i am for not keeping up with the posts! i have been out of my mind busy with recruitment for my sorority and with my workload. i have also been consumed with other things and have been at a low point for the past few weeks, but now i realized that i have people who love me and support me, so i am able to move onward and not turn back. anyways... currently, i am sitting in my classroom waiting for class to 
start and i thought why not post right now, i mean there is no better time, right? 
that now would be the best time to post a quick catch up and apologize for my lack of posts! 
i set up a schedule and even put it in my lilly planner so i will be posting on blonde and brunette every monday, wednesday and friday. with my youtube i will be putting up video's weekly! i do not want to set a schedule for that because it is harder to film than it is to post, well not really, but it is more time 
consuming! I will definitely have at lest one video up every week!!! 
i can not wait for all the posts that are going to be coming up this fall! if you have any requests or ideas for posts/video's that you want me to do please let me know and i will be more than happy to post it! i hope you all have had a marvelous september and keep posted with me on blonde&brunette and youtube :) 
*shoutout to megan who is currently studying in spain for the semester, she is the reason why i posted today because she was like, "linzz do you not blog anymore", and i was like"ohhmygawshhh. i need to post asap." and i told her she would be mentioned, so megan. this one is for you*

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

nyfw recap

*warning this will be a long post* 
this past weekend i went back to nyc for the mercades benz fashion week. i was so blessed and honored to go. i shared so many wonderful memories that could never be replaced! before i take you through my weekend, i want to say a huge thanks to alanna, jack & drew. 
"Fashions fade, style is eternal."
— Yves Saint-Laurent
(selfie on the train, pretending im on gossip girl #classic lindsey)
so it was around 5pm that i left the albany trains station to head into nyc. it was about a three hour long train, which wasn't so bad, seeing that i was asleep for about the whole entire ride. when i did arrive in new york, i made my way through the packed pen station and went upstairs on the streets of times sqare to find a cab. after getting in a cab with my 100lb (exaggeration) luggage i headed straight to my hotel; the marriott marquis in times square.
(walking out of the hotel this was what i ran into)

oh. my. gosh. this hotel was one of the most amazing hotels i have ever stayed in! it had about 50+ floors and of corse i was located on the 31st floor, but it was okay because there were about ten elevators (that were super awesome) that were bubbles that gave you a view of the hotel as you were traveling up and down. waking into my hotel room was like walking into paradise. i couldnt even describe it because it wouldnt even serve it justice. although it is very pricey, i highly reccomend it if you are ever wanted to go for a NYC splurge. 
(hotel view {top} : day time {bottom} : night time)
after getting settled and taking a shower (my hair was not workin out) i caught a cab and went down to lincoln center to visit alanna. i got there just in time to go see a show, the same designer i saw at last years fashion week. venexiana by kati stern was an amazing show. last year i was so impressed with her collection that i had to come back and see it again. the colors that are in the spring 2014 collection; there were some fabulous pastels, a bunch of neutral colors among others. the textures of the dresses were intricate, there were a few furs, a lot of crystals, sequins and jewels. after the show we went backstage and met some of the models and saw how chaotic it was bask there! this show was amazing, i have no other words to describe the show!

(this was what it was like inside the tent)

(the dresses *picture formation inspired by alanna's post*)

(me with the models of the show)
post show, alanna and i were starving, so we headed down the street at around 10pm to go to our favorite, well my favorite resurant; rosa mexicana. oh my god you guys, you have to go there if you are ever by lincoln center. best guac ever! i literally could eat there for days! 
(best . food . ever)

after getting food, we headed on over to my hotel with drew so i could get changed. when we were there we were invited to alanna, jack and drew's friend's apartment. so we left the hotel and headed over to his apartment. this was one of the most amazing places that i have ever been to! we went up to the rooftop and had the most amazing view of the city. 

(bright lights in a big city : the freedom tower off to the right)

my trip to nyc ended the next night. it was the most amazing trip i have taken back to ny so far. i thank everyone who helped make this possible and who spent time with me there! thanks so much xx 

o1. the next day i went shopping in times square : did damage in forever21, the disney store, mac, m&m world & sephora. 
o2. the floating lanterns in the disney store in nyc coming down from the escalators
 o3. my current want ... lol #birthdaywishlist
o4. a classic jack and lewhay pic with our classy lemon waters
o5. the nyfw menu at rosa mexicans
o6. my mango salad at sarifina's. basically the best salad this mouth has ever tasted.
o7. the best people you will ever meet : drew, alanna & jack
o8. drew in his nyfw best taking my luggage out to my cab 
o9. the two divas

Thursday, September 5, 2013

in my closet : my necklace collection

so if you know me well enough, you know that my favorite accessories to wear are necklaces. as tracey reese once said, "a statement necklace glams up any outfit without feeling like too much."this statement is by far one of the truest statements i have ever heard. 
lately i have been on clothing webistes drifting away from the stylish dresses and looking more at the gaudy necklaces. truth be told, up until tis summer i rarely wore a gaudy statement necklace; i just wore my gold tiffany bean necklace that my dad gave me for my eigteenth birthday. but now since statement necklaces are huge must for the fall, i thought i would show you all what necklaces i have with me here at school. i do have more necklaces at home, but these ones are my go to grabbers! i hope you enjoy! x

Sunday, September 1, 2013

lindsey's life update : past & upcoming

hello my fellow readers!!
i apologize for my absence and my lack of posts from this week. as most of you know last week was my first week back at school ; syllabus week. this week has been so much fun but so hard. fun in the sense that i got to go out with my friends and see them all and have fun. hard in the sense that my personal life has been caving in on my emotions. it has been clear to me that i have been acting different this week and it is hard for me to handle the stress of my personal life with other events going on. 
right now i can only move forward.
this upcoming week is a four day week. i get to spend most of it in classes i love, with people who care about me and with some alone time. i have a very busy week coming up though. many school events, projects, personal events and oh did i mention im going to new york fashion week in the meer matter of well five days! i am beyond excited to be going back to the big apple and to see my best friend alanna  and of corse my fordham bests ; jack , drew, lilly , taylor & a few others. it is going to be such a fun weekend but a tiring one. i am beyond prepared for it. 
one thing that will really get me through this week, besides food are some of these helpful words. i hope you all have a good start to this week, and i can not wait to post again soon!
( p . s . im going to be posting every monday, wednesday's and fridays from now on! ) 
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