Sunday, September 1, 2013

lindsey's life update : past & upcoming

hello my fellow readers!!
i apologize for my absence and my lack of posts from this week. as most of you know last week was my first week back at school ; syllabus week. this week has been so much fun but so hard. fun in the sense that i got to go out with my friends and see them all and have fun. hard in the sense that my personal life has been caving in on my emotions. it has been clear to me that i have been acting different this week and it is hard for me to handle the stress of my personal life with other events going on. 
right now i can only move forward.
this upcoming week is a four day week. i get to spend most of it in classes i love, with people who care about me and with some alone time. i have a very busy week coming up though. many school events, projects, personal events and oh did i mention im going to new york fashion week in the meer matter of well five days! i am beyond excited to be going back to the big apple and to see my best friend alanna  and of corse my fordham bests ; jack , drew, lilly , taylor & a few others. it is going to be such a fun weekend but a tiring one. i am beyond prepared for it. 
one thing that will really get me through this week, besides food are some of these helpful words. i hope you all have a good start to this week, and i can not wait to post again soon!
( p . s . im going to be posting every monday, wednesday's and fridays from now on! ) 

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