Saturday, August 24, 2013

back to school tips : college edition

soo as most of you may know, i finally moved back to school on wednesday!! it took me three days to clear off everything and organize everything. although i really do want to film a dorm room tour, my room is far from being home. i need some things to hang up and fix, some more storage units and well my roommates!!! haha, tomorrow thy are moving in so it will be a ton of fun!
so now that my short little update is over we can get down to buisness. back to school tips. wahhooo!! so basically i am probably one of the only people to be happy to be back to school, but since i a back and settled in i thought i would share with you some back to school tips ( college edition ). so without any more of my chitchat blah blah blah, here are some back to school tips.
1. personalize your room

so this may be really weird that this is the first one, but trust me it isn't! so personally, for me my room is where my life is basically. yes, i go to the library and my secret study room but my room is my safe heaven and reflects who i am and what i love. you want to make sure that your room is the way you want it and you are able to do many things in it ( studying, sleeping, relaxing & etc. ) 
** btw my room is the big pic on the left ** 

2. make sure you have all your supplies
soo a lot of people may be overwhelmed with moving into or back to school that they totally forget about their supplies. i do my school supplies shopping at staples and do it the first week of august. some of the must staple supplies that you should have for college are : notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, white out, a printer, and some post-it notes!
3. reconnect / make new friends
so if you are coming back for your second, third or fourth year of college, i'm sure you pretty much have your friend group all mapped out, but if your a freshman this can be an opportunity for you to reach out and make new friends. you might already know some people, but it is always nice to branch out. college is a fresh new page, you are in control of who you will be and how people will see you. also dont always expect that the first people you meet will be your bff's for the next four years, congrats if they are, but the likely hood of it is not so high.
4. scout out your classes
so this is really important, especially for freshman!! your starting a new school year with new buildings and a new atmosphere. all your classes (sadly) are not in one building, so it is best to take the day before classes start to scout out where the buildings are and where your classrooms are. i can not tell you how much i wished i did this last year, i looked like such a newbie, i even set the map of the school as my phone background for a week lol. it is always fine to ask where to go, but eventually you should learn your surroundings!! 
5. try new things

last year i was so concerned with fitting in an doing well that i never actually set time aside for some new activities on campus. every college has so many different programs to offer to their students they vary from sports (varsity and club), greek life, accapella groups, differnt opportunities on campus and off, go into your city or town and explore!

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