Friday, April 26, 2013

rouge à lèvres

Elizabeth Taylor was right, 
lipstick does make life so much better!

Let's put it this way, if I was stuck on a desert island with only 3 possessions I would bring: food, water, and lipstick! A couple of years ago I discovered lipstick. It used to be the intimidating red makeup that I knew I could never pull off! But then I decided to be daring and try it! As a scanned the makeup isle, I learned that lipstick did not just come in bold reds, but in nudes, pinks, corals, and even blue (however I would not recommend it). My first lipstick was a inexpensive tube of coral and I fell in love instantly! Soon enough I was buying all the shades they had to offer and I felt naked leaving the house without it!

But there will always be the age old question:

"To match my lipstick and nail polish or not to match my lipstick and nail polish? That is the question."

However, while on Pinterest, I found a great great guide to matching lipstick and nail polish. I am obsessed with the combinations and can't wait to try them out!

Always, Miss C

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"OMG... I Wish I Had That" Bag

is there ever a moment in your life where you had forgotten to bring something, or you lose it and do not have any spares. i know for me that this has happened multiple times. for example, i have had chapped lips and forgot to bring my chapstick : i have also had encountered a hot day and wanted to put my hair up in a pony tail, but have had no elastic to tie it with : i have gone through head aching moments without any advil and well you get the point. the idea of the "OMG... I Wish I Had That" Bag came from one of my all time favorite blogs College Prep. She had posted one of these awhile back, and has recently updated her  bag with her new go to's. i myself found that mostly everything she put in her bag, i had in mine! so i broke out my old C Wonder makeup pouch, threw it in the washer (because it was a little messy and is washer proof) and started loading my bag with my everyday necessities. enjoy, and please feel free to post what you uldput, or have in your "OMG... I Wish I Had That" Bag. 
1. motrin : is this not self explanatory... every single girl and their mother and their grandmother should carry this in their purse!! you never know when you might need it.
2. advil : same explanation from above goes for the advil. sadly i did not have a cute pill case, so i used my mini-altoids pack and stuffed some in there. i prefer the jell advil pills.
3. usb drive : do not ask me what usb stands for (im sure i know it) but all i know is that my hello kitty one beats your plain old black or silver one! trust me when i say this comes in use more often than not
4. a hair clip : windy day? loose ends? need i say more..
5. hand sanitizer : okay so truth be told, i am not your everyday germ freak, only your occasional one... but hey, there is nothing wrong with being germ free, right? 
6. pearl earrings : an everyday nescessity. i mean god forbid you lost a pearl, just whip out your spare.
7. clear nail polish : this little baby has so much in it and can be used for so much. chipped nail, got it. ripped tights, got it. lost shine, got it.
8. gum : bad breath, slip in a piece, chew up and well there ya have it. just be careful when you take it out because people will always ask for a piece. 
9. hair ties : my current favortie kind, and not because i made it, but because it is so flexible oh and btw it is crease free!! yeah, what could beat that?
10. $5 : i mean there is always a moment when you need emergency cash!! why not start to carry some, just in a small amount though!
11. band aids : blisters, cuts & so on. bingo, found a simplistic cure! 
12. chapstick : i love love love chapstick! like i am never anywhere without it. i love trying new brands and flavors, my current faves are baby lips original and burts bee's in mango
13. a pen : this is my fav. kind, a pink paper mate. dont ask why i just love em, and not because they are pink, because they are smooth.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Eclecticist

Ever since we were 2 years old playing on the playground, GianPaula has been a person of style! She has always owned a unique and eclectic wardrobe. She was the one who introduced me to the wonders of thrift shopping, urban outfitters, and all the fashion blogs that I am now obsessed with. But what makes her style so admirable, is its sense of effortlessness. She wears what she likes, and doesn't seem to stress about what others may think. And that to me, is the definition of style!

I encourage you all to take this mantra with you as you are picking out tomorrow's outfit:

"Wear what you like, not what other think you should like."

Always,  Miss C

(Dress: Urban Outfitters; Denim Shirt: Urban Outfitters; Toms; Cape Cod Bracelet)

Monday, April 22, 2013

college survival : summer cravings

dear reader,

well it is that time of year again, only for me & many other freshman college students, it comes a little bit earlier. yup, the end of the year or what is rather known as summer fever. over here in washington dc, the weather is beautiful; it is sunny, bright, warm (maybe not today) and spectacular. honestly it is doing no help with my cure towards summer fever... so many people have asked how i am overcoming my summer fever, and i just tell them that i am counting the days that i still have left in school and keeping myself organized. i have taken over my white board calendar in my room and have marked up everything that i have to do (in terms of school work), along with how many days we have left until the semester ends which just so happens to be only 19 days away. 

19 days until summer, until freedom, and until chilaxin
19 days left to boost grades, to spend time with college friends, and to pack to go home.
i honestly can not believe that time has flown by so fast, it feels like just yesterday that my parents dropped me off and helped me unpack into my room... but i only have 19 more days to get done what i need to get done before i can even think about chilling out! might i also add, that my laptop just broke again for the second time, in like a month. UGH. well it is now do or die, time to make my to do lists and stay organized and most importantly study


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

blossom & grow GIVEAWAY *closed*

living in dc has been quite a few things these past two weeks: long, tiring, hot, busy, and blooming! the cherry blossoms have finally spouted and they have looked so beautiful! The heat was definitely worth the hike to the monuments, it was pack and i mean like packed with tourists & slow walkers.
 *picture here - picture there* *moving onward*
for my photography class we had to go and venture out to the cherry blossom festival. there i captured some of the prettiest pictures a memory card could hold! i really suggest people come down next year to see them, it should be one of the seven wonders of the world. there one week, the next gone. it is so relaxing and peaceful to sit on the grass and just look around. it is truly washington dc's hidden gem. 
another hidden gem that you will find on blonde&brunette (but only until saturday) is our spring giveaway!! this month we are doing a cherry blossom giveaway. 
this giveaway ends on saturday april 20th so enter asap!! 
in order to enter, like us on facebook 
**in the giveaway**
 a monogram camelback, in the color raspberry, essie's go ginza and (one of my favs) pretty little screts
its only one click away

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

derby days with KTΓ

let me start off by apologizing to you all. last week was the most hectic week i have ever endured in well my life! i have some exciting news for you all!! *drum roll please* this past weekend i became a KTΓ sister, and i am both jovial and grateful. i am so in love with my sisters and therefor i am dedicating this post to you all!! On Sunday, we had our annual Alumni Tea and it was so much fun! we all got dolled up and put on our derby hats and were off to the races (but not actually lol) i wore a jcrew dress that i got years ago, but trust me it is still in style and fit like a glove! for my hat i purchased a sun hat from payless for $15 and my wedges were only $12 from payless, quite a steal!! it was a ton of fun, memories were made that i shall never forget. i look forward to entering a benevolent sisterhood of girls, making friendship with a noble tie that binds, each sisters heart and mine, what can i say other than thats a great big sisterhood of girls.
xs sister posh

always making sure your bow is on your good side 
meet the girls who made this adventure one i will never forget. 
margot : lexie : soraya : lindsey : caitlin

we could have never made it through this journey without you maddie! love you

double trouble 
 ali : soraya : lindsey : stefana

my beautiful family on the left: 
anna (grand big) : lindsey (little #2) : breanna (big) 
*missing* anj (little #1)

bigs&littles :
soraya & maggie : audrey & lexie

best friends for life :
kelly & emma

Thursday, April 4, 2013

put a ring on it

no need for any single ladies, beyonce!!! just a need to announce that my High School just had their annual ring day!! this had to of been the best day, beside graduation, of my high school career. today was all about the juniors. when i first saw them i was so taken back because i missed it, i missed my high school; not that, it was rare for me to say that!! i had the honor of ringing one of my closest friends, lauren. i can not believe that you are all grown up! my little bus buddy almost is ready to depart, but not yet!! one more year, but please please enjoy it. i wish i could go back for one day and see all my classmates together and just sit down and smile. congrats to the junior class, enjoy today!!! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

morning and evening skincare routine

ever since i was a little girl, my grandma has alway told me that i have the most beautiful skin, and that i needed to take care of it, in order for it to keep its beauty and purity. now, many years later, i still, if i dont mind saying, have beautiful and clear skin. I have never delt with any forms of acne, a few pimples here and there, but nevertheless my skin has maintained its purity. 
another bonus that has benefitted my skin was that i drink so much water. at college i go through a pack of water in under a week. to my parents that is insane, but i love it so much!! 
i was inspired by many of my favorite beauty guru's on youtube to post this today. enjoy and love your skin and take care of it, its the only thing you've got. 

every morning when i wake up i use most of these, i call them my morning basics. 

you must be thinking, well the night time looks very similar to the morning routine, and truth is it is! i love using the same products, especially if they benefit my skin and help me maintain its health. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey, Macklemore! Can we go thrift shopping?

Joking or not, Macklemore was kind of right...thrift shopping is pretty awesome! A friend and I made a spontaneous visit to a thrift store this past weekend and it was one of the most successful shopping trips I have had in a long time! 


- Trotters Leather Loafers ($8.00)
- J. Crew Cashmere Button-Up Sweater ( $10.00)
- Hunter Rain Boots ($34.00)

Total = $52.00

And of course, curious me looked up the original prices of all these items to really see how much I saved. 

- Trotters Leather Loafers ($85.00)
- J. Crew Cashmere Button-Up Sweater ( $98.00)
- Hunter Rain Boots ($125.00)

Savings = $256.00

Now if you are still unsure about thrift shopping after seeing those savings, then you must be crazy!

Kidding aside, I understand that some people are unsure about thrift shops and worry if they are clean or reliable. So here are some tips to makes sure it is a good thrift shop!

1) Ask Around: Talk to friends and people from the area, and see if they have been there/their opinion of it.

2) Go There Yourself: Check out the place! If it looks clean, well kept, and apparel is organized nicely, then it is most likely a good and reliable thrift shop to go to.

3) See What They Have: When in the store, look at the labels. If you see labels of nice companies or designers, then this is most likely a higher end thrift shop. Higher end thrift shops usually only take practically new items and have them cleaned before sale.

Now take these tips and go have yourself a thrift shopping adventure!

Always, Miss C

Monday, April 1, 2013

a work of art

during easter break, me and my friend laura went home with brittany for the weekend. that meant a two way ticket to new jersey! the second day we were there, we went over to the magic garden in philly. it was the most wonderful place i have ever been to, it was so beautiful and if you are ever in philly, you need to go see this!! we spent the day taking 100000 pictures, but they were all worth it. 

out of all my friends don at school, there is never a dull outfit, if it is coming from laura's closet! she has the most interesting fashion style ever, it reminds me a lot of my friend alanna. 

she took her outfit to the next level, she put a pair of black sheer tights with high rise shorts. she flaunted her steve madden boots and her sheer white top. on top she put on an oversized jacket and carried along her michael kors square bag. in lalalove

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