Monday, April 22, 2013

college survival : summer cravings

dear reader,

well it is that time of year again, only for me & many other freshman college students, it comes a little bit earlier. yup, the end of the year or what is rather known as summer fever. over here in washington dc, the weather is beautiful; it is sunny, bright, warm (maybe not today) and spectacular. honestly it is doing no help with my cure towards summer fever... so many people have asked how i am overcoming my summer fever, and i just tell them that i am counting the days that i still have left in school and keeping myself organized. i have taken over my white board calendar in my room and have marked up everything that i have to do (in terms of school work), along with how many days we have left until the semester ends which just so happens to be only 19 days away. 

19 days until summer, until freedom, and until chilaxin
19 days left to boost grades, to spend time with college friends, and to pack to go home.
i honestly can not believe that time has flown by so fast, it feels like just yesterday that my parents dropped me off and helped me unpack into my room... but i only have 19 more days to get done what i need to get done before i can even think about chilling out! might i also add, that my laptop just broke again for the second time, in like a month. UGH. well it is now do or die, time to make my to do lists and stay organized and most importantly study


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