Wednesday, April 17, 2013

blossom & grow GIVEAWAY *closed*

living in dc has been quite a few things these past two weeks: long, tiring, hot, busy, and blooming! the cherry blossoms have finally spouted and they have looked so beautiful! The heat was definitely worth the hike to the monuments, it was pack and i mean like packed with tourists & slow walkers.
 *picture here - picture there* *moving onward*
for my photography class we had to go and venture out to the cherry blossom festival. there i captured some of the prettiest pictures a memory card could hold! i really suggest people come down next year to see them, it should be one of the seven wonders of the world. there one week, the next gone. it is so relaxing and peaceful to sit on the grass and just look around. it is truly washington dc's hidden gem. 
another hidden gem that you will find on blonde&brunette (but only until saturday) is our spring giveaway!! this month we are doing a cherry blossom giveaway. 
this giveaway ends on saturday april 20th so enter asap!! 
in order to enter, like us on facebook 
**in the giveaway**
 a monogram camelback, in the color raspberry, essie's go ginza and (one of my favs) pretty little screts
its only one click away

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