Monday, April 1, 2013

a work of art

during easter break, me and my friend laura went home with brittany for the weekend. that meant a two way ticket to new jersey! the second day we were there, we went over to the magic garden in philly. it was the most wonderful place i have ever been to, it was so beautiful and if you are ever in philly, you need to go see this!! we spent the day taking 100000 pictures, but they were all worth it. 

out of all my friends don at school, there is never a dull outfit, if it is coming from laura's closet! she has the most interesting fashion style ever, it reminds me a lot of my friend alanna. 

she took her outfit to the next level, she put a pair of black sheer tights with high rise shorts. she flaunted her steve madden boots and her sheer white top. on top she put on an oversized jacket and carried along her michael kors square bag. in lalalove

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