Wednesday, April 3, 2013

morning and evening skincare routine

ever since i was a little girl, my grandma has alway told me that i have the most beautiful skin, and that i needed to take care of it, in order for it to keep its beauty and purity. now, many years later, i still, if i dont mind saying, have beautiful and clear skin. I have never delt with any forms of acne, a few pimples here and there, but nevertheless my skin has maintained its purity. 
another bonus that has benefitted my skin was that i drink so much water. at college i go through a pack of water in under a week. to my parents that is insane, but i love it so much!! 
i was inspired by many of my favorite beauty guru's on youtube to post this today. enjoy and love your skin and take care of it, its the only thing you've got. 

every morning when i wake up i use most of these, i call them my morning basics. 

you must be thinking, well the night time looks very similar to the morning routine, and truth is it is! i love using the same products, especially if they benefit my skin and help me maintain its health. 

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