Tuesday, April 16, 2013

derby days with KTΓ

let me start off by apologizing to you all. last week was the most hectic week i have ever endured in well my life! i have some exciting news for you all!! *drum roll please* this past weekend i became a KTΓ sister, and i am both jovial and grateful. i am so in love with my sisters and therefor i am dedicating this post to you all!! On Sunday, we had our annual Alumni Tea and it was so much fun! we all got dolled up and put on our derby hats and were off to the races (but not actually lol) i wore a jcrew dress that i got years ago, but trust me it is still in style and fit like a glove! for my hat i purchased a sun hat from payless for $15 and my wedges were only $12 from payless, quite a steal!! it was a ton of fun, memories were made that i shall never forget. i look forward to entering a benevolent sisterhood of girls, making friendship with a noble tie that binds, each sisters heart and mine, what can i say other than thats a great big sisterhood of girls.
xs sister posh

always making sure your bow is on your good side 
meet the girls who made this adventure one i will never forget. 
margot : lexie : soraya : lindsey : caitlin

we could have never made it through this journey without you maddie! love you

double trouble 
 ali : soraya : lindsey : stefana

my beautiful family on the left: 
anna (grand big) : lindsey (little #2) : breanna (big) 
*missing* anj (little #1)

bigs&littles :
soraya & maggie : audrey & lexie

best friends for life :
kelly & emma

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