Friday, November 29, 2013

lindsey's life update : november

so as you all could tell i have been mia (whuddashocker) since well november 4th.
so instead of skipping over all the reasons why i have been not posting, im actually going to post them and do a huge post about what has happened and where i have been since, well novmber 4th

:: i have no clue where to start, so why not start with hmm my NYC trip ::
sooo about the first weekend in november my butt was shipped (well i took a train) up to NYC for the weekend to visit the best : alanna. and we can not of corse forget : jack, drew, lilly & jaelen. i also got to catch up with my family which was awesome because i hadn't seen them in a while! i had such a blast shopping and hanging out with my new york city friends. when i left i like missed them so much i was about to turn around and just stay forever but i had something very special coming up... 

:: next on the menu is formal ::
so as some of you may know, i am in a sorority at school and i am currently the social chair, meaning that i plan all the social events, dinners, parties, mixers and of corse our formal. this year our formal took place on november 9 at LiLlies resturant & bar. okay, im not gonna say this was the easiest thing to plan, because if i did, well i would probably be lying. but i can tell you it was for sure the funest one!
the theme was the great gatsby and i got my final dress from macy's, it was an adrianna papell (mind you this isn't the EXACT dress)  and was on sale for like $79. dirt cheap, and when i was shopping with my friend erin for her dress, we apssed it and i was like this is the dress. so i tried it on and well the rest is history. i got my hair done that day at dry bar, and oh my god you guys, click this link to see how amazing it was. all i can say/ask is, when am i going back there!? soo to sum it all up, the party was amazing, it was such a huge success and so much fun, definitely a night that i will never forget! 

:: cheers to the adg initiation ::
about a weekend or two later, my friends and i celebrated the initiation of the new brothers of alpha delta gamma. i was really torn in-between staying in bed and going out to this, but as you can tell i went. i came over to my friends, ali, lauren & stefana's room and braugh all the wrong things. i brought casual, but this was not casual apparently haha it was nice attire. soooo i invaded their closests and their hairspray and withing about 30 min (record time) i was finally ready 

:: cutting into the emergency room ::
well about two weeks ago, lindsey thought it would be a swell idea to just pick up an exacto knife and just start a project. well yeah, the project was doing great, and it actually turned out amazing, but i didnt realize the blade was toward my finger and well ya know, i sorta kinda cut my finger open. thank god to my friend mk and marina for coming over and helping and for marina who drove me to the hospital and waited with me for what seemed to be hours. the outcome - a glued shut finger. 

:: call me, tweet me because sarahbelle93 did ::
now i do not have a pic of this, but if you check out my twitter, or my favorite youtubers you will see that she favorited my tweet i @ed at her! and replied to me. i think i died and now well here i am.


so basically that was the highlights of my month! i hope you all had an amazing novmber! good news, i will have a video posted to youtube soon, so check that out! much love and blessings to all xx

Monday, November 4, 2013

october photo recap

O1. little mer and little red { my little mermaid costume that i made } O2. the little mermaid canvas that i made for my room O3. erinn, this crazy girl entertains my life day after day O4. studs and pumpkins O5. a little halloween surprise from my favorite little O6. pumpkins make me smile #selfie O7. nineteen years. happy nineteenth birthday lindsey O8. my amazingly beautiful roses from my little O9. my favorite kate spade item that i currently own

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