Sunday, May 27, 2012

living brunette: inside my night tables stand

so like every other girl in the world, i too have a night table's stand! this peice of furniture was actually a drawer for my hair accessories on the top, and on the bottom it was full of belts and ribbons (this was like three years ago) then spring cleaning came along a few years ago and i adapted it into my night table's stand! this is just a basic white double drawer mini dresser (it is literally a miniature of my actual dresser). On my NTS i have my bowes iPod dock that i got for my birthday freshman year, i have my rosette lamp from the christmas tree shop, my waterford crystal ring holder that my dad got me in ireland, my candle from bath and body works (currently: oceanside) and my remote for my TV that I got for christmas like 4 years ago.

sorry, but the picture above did no justice to my lap. as i said above i purchased it from the christmas tree shop. the base of the lamp is so chic, but lamp itself is very boring. so i had a old headband made from lace, and i decided to take off the bow and sew it onto the lamp at the seam! it really adds a great accent! i absolutely love it!
okay so now we get to the good stuff, what is inside of it! i actually reorganized it about a month or two ago. in this post i will only show the first drawer, but in the bottom drawer i have my scarves (spring/summer/winter/fall). so lets get to it!

this is the drawer itself. in the back i have my wallflower refills from bath and body works, the left silver circle is my christmas candle that i love, aso from bath and body works! and then we have two little cubbie sections. *not listed in the lower pictures: my pen, seam ripper, nail polish remover, post-its, my 5 and orbit gum, retainer, shoe balls, lush's dirty shower gel, mints, x-out shiny controll and my extra pack of hair ties. 

in my first smaler cubbie i have my nightly go to grabs! i have my two lush lip tints snow fairy and celebrate, hen my massage bar from lush, my sally hansen insta dry, my benefit moisturizer and my absolute favorite night lip balm from bath and body works. (NOT PICTURED: my jar of bobby pins)

my hand sanitizers in my drawer: from left to right: 
vanilla berry sorbet, merry mistole, japenese cherry blossom, and dancing waters

finally my pacifica tuscan blood orange body lotion from sephora, my clinique moiture surge, my mini vaseline skin and lip repair, sephora blotting papers and my moroccan oil for my hair.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

gotta have the accessories

nikki swipes the scene again with another #blodeandbrunette post with her fabulous computer case and school tote! We would say that nikki is ready to be shipped of to Harvard!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

pajama day spirit

today is senior slumber party day and michele and isabelle (our b&b of the day) are decked out and ready to pop in a dvd and pop the popcorn!

Friday, May 18, 2012

happy go lucky

kathleen is totally happy go lucky tonight as she struts down the red carpet at tonight's movie festival awards! we live her green, such a springy and bright color for the night!! this outfit is one that is not to be missed!! xx

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prom Hair Ideas

Prom is today for some lucky ladies, and along with prom the makeup appointments & hair appointments. For some lucky girls Danielle whipped up her magic and weaved a wonderful braid for both kendra and georgia. A hair style to die for. xx

Our little traveler

How many times has a blonde and a brunette blabbed about colored jeans? You probably get the story now..  but we MUST show you how to wear them. In the pictures below, the bright orange pants can be seen from miles away, and I sure do mean it. When I was waiting for this lovely lady to meet me for dinner, I could spy her from blocks away. The pants make a statement, and when paired with the perfect blazer and shoes, the look is to die for.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ombre hair

a 'new in' kind of hair style is the ombre look. this look is both bold and chic, to die your hair like this you really need the confidence to rock this look. personally i would probably not rock out with my hair like this, but other girls, actually many other girls would look amazing with it. if i were to get it done though, i would go to a hair salon but there are many good youtube guru diy's on how to ombre hair <-- this link is probably one of the best one's out there. barbara also known as thepersainbabe helps girls get comfortable with the new hair look. (also there are tips on how to style your hair) love it xx

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Dashing Diva

The Brunette has simply left us speechless. The other night, the brunette hit up the big apple and sure did make her mark. The brunette paired a blush dress with a fabulous navy blazer (we're just crazy about blazers). As flawless as her look was, the piece that made her simply DASHING was the jewels she paired with her outfit. Lindsey's exuberant necklace consisted of pearls, diamonds and gems and were quite exquisite.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

denim and eyelet

denim shirt- american eagle
shorts- forever 21
sheer tights- forever 21
combay boots- steve madden 
 head wrapp- nordstrom
hair in a top knot bun
turquoise n caicos- essie nail polish
bracelets- various

Tunic Galore

Tunics- are pieces of clothing that are simple, but at the same time remain fun. Tunics always fascinate me because they are usually fun prints with exquisite cuts. Although tunics are simple, they are a great summer addition to your closet. Whether you wear the tunic as a dress or pair it with a pair of white jeans, it is guaranteed that you will be the belle of the ball. I personally adore the tunics that have a unique print with beading on them, but others may prefer a solid color that you can easily jazz up with jewels. A tunic is a great piece to add to your summer wardrobe and can easily jazz it up to reflect your personality! Why don't you try it out?

                                                                           Go BOLD:

PINK lover: 
The desire for PATTERN: 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

oh so parisian

Little miss Maggie debuts her style as she hits up the streets of Paris. Throughout the lovely lady's week in Paris, the city of lights, Maggie's bright outfits were just striking. Maggie successfully color blocked with her striking neon yellow jeans and fabulous royal blue shirt. Our little fashionista kept it simple with her accessories and simply put her hair in an elegant top knot. What can we say? Maggie just may be our new chic of the week?

Monday, May 7, 2012

one dress five outfits

I love love love love love dresses! (can't you tell) My love for them is shown almost every week when I fit one into my weekly outfits. The only downside about dresses to me is that when I wear it in a particular style I love it and adore it for days, but personally i hate repeating outfits, so for dresses it seems i come to a dead end after a while. Here are some cute and stylish ways to hide that day to day dress with some fabulous accessories, shoes & more! xx 
(click here to find the dress!!)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

on the go

How many times have you been in a rush when your getting ready? Well, this is a common occurrence for me. Although I enjoy taking my time to get ready for the day that awaits, the reality is that there are times where I am in a crunch. Instead of freaking out, calmly choose a SIMPLE outift. Here are a few ideas for the next time your in a rush!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Breaking out of your comfort zone

Nobody ever said that looking fabulous was easy. Between primping and choosing the perfect outfit, which sometimes seems impossible, people often times forget about the importance of breaking out of your comfort zone. Instead of hiding behind a dark gray sweater, break out of your comfort zone and do something crazy. Is there a pair of pants you have been dying to wear, yet you fear what people may think? All that I can say is go for it! Use your personal style as a way to express yourself, break out of your comfort zone and twist things up every once in a while. Here are some things that are out of my comfort zone, but who knows, maybe I can pull it off!

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