Sunday, May 27, 2012

living brunette: inside my night tables stand

so like every other girl in the world, i too have a night table's stand! this peice of furniture was actually a drawer for my hair accessories on the top, and on the bottom it was full of belts and ribbons (this was like three years ago) then spring cleaning came along a few years ago and i adapted it into my night table's stand! this is just a basic white double drawer mini dresser (it is literally a miniature of my actual dresser). On my NTS i have my bowes iPod dock that i got for my birthday freshman year, i have my rosette lamp from the christmas tree shop, my waterford crystal ring holder that my dad got me in ireland, my candle from bath and body works (currently: oceanside) and my remote for my TV that I got for christmas like 4 years ago.

sorry, but the picture above did no justice to my lap. as i said above i purchased it from the christmas tree shop. the base of the lamp is so chic, but lamp itself is very boring. so i had a old headband made from lace, and i decided to take off the bow and sew it onto the lamp at the seam! it really adds a great accent! i absolutely love it!
okay so now we get to the good stuff, what is inside of it! i actually reorganized it about a month or two ago. in this post i will only show the first drawer, but in the bottom drawer i have my scarves (spring/summer/winter/fall). so lets get to it!

this is the drawer itself. in the back i have my wallflower refills from bath and body works, the left silver circle is my christmas candle that i love, aso from bath and body works! and then we have two little cubbie sections. *not listed in the lower pictures: my pen, seam ripper, nail polish remover, post-its, my 5 and orbit gum, retainer, shoe balls, lush's dirty shower gel, mints, x-out shiny controll and my extra pack of hair ties. 

in my first smaler cubbie i have my nightly go to grabs! i have my two lush lip tints snow fairy and celebrate, hen my massage bar from lush, my sally hansen insta dry, my benefit moisturizer and my absolute favorite night lip balm from bath and body works. (NOT PICTURED: my jar of bobby pins)

my hand sanitizers in my drawer: from left to right: 
vanilla berry sorbet, merry mistole, japenese cherry blossom, and dancing waters

finally my pacifica tuscan blood orange body lotion from sephora, my clinique moiture surge, my mini vaseline skin and lip repair, sephora blotting papers and my moroccan oil for my hair.

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