Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NY STREET STYLE; Bright & Early

Good morning guys! Today, I'm sharing with you an outfit I put together the other day that's perfect for this last week of May.

One of my favorite easy and creative thing to do with flannel-type shirts is to put them over dresses. Here, I'm actually wearing a paisley-print dress from Urban Outfitters, and I put my light denim American Eagle button down on top! I buttoned the shirt all the way up, but tied the bottom into a cute little knot to create a more summery feel to this outfit!

Close up

I've paired this easy outfit with a cute triangle necklace from Forever 21.


- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Fawn
- Concealers: Makeupforever Full Cover in #8, and Benefit's Erase Paste (#2)
- Mac MSF in Medium Plus
- Mac Mineralized Blush in Dainty
- Benefit's HOOLA Bronzer

- Anastasia Brow Powder: Brunette
- Great Lash Clear Mascara 

- UD Primer in Eden
- Mac's Melon Pigment Foiled 
- Mac's Soft Brown in the crease
- Mac's Ricepaper for highlight
- Mac's Mulch on lower lash line
- Mac's Fascinating Eye Kohl on waterline
- Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner in Black
- Maybelline's The Rocket Mascara

[For tips on how to foil a pigment properly, check out my latest blog post

- Mac's Kissable Lip Colour in Enchantée

Happy styling!
Cheers, x

Monday, May 27, 2013

may photo recap

Ol. my memorial day s'more fiesta  O2. our pinapple scratch soda's from georgetown O3. the great gatsby car in my town O4. sparklers from memorial day party O5. my special friend i made in kmart O6. my two best friends on the planet (MISS YOU) O7. preppy finals time O8. my all time favorite movie, the lorax O9. my third job this summer, nyc bound 1O. my new monogram wall decal 11. leaving college for the summer, no looking back 12. clyde (ebony) and cloe my fish 

**idea of this post was taken from alanna's blog**

how to wash your toms

Tom shoes are the greatest thing to ever walk on in the planet! At first I thought that they were actually the ugliest things on the earth, but once i tried them on i fell in love. 6 pair later, we are in current day. the only problem i ran into with them is the smell. after a year my first pair are so smelly and dirty! so someone help me!! thanks to my handy dandy washer, all went back to normal!

after doing some research (as i do for everything.. even house fires... yes this happened) i did a quick search of how to clean them and after watching video's i saw that many people just hand washed them, but me being my lazy self i took the washer route. i found out that the washing machine is usually not a good idea and if you do use it they suggest that you are to put them in the delicate cycle. i only found one person who posted some pictures after putting them in the washer, so i tried this out as well! i am not going to lie i was nervous for a little, then i just went with it and i am so happy i went with my gut!
for starters :: 
put the shoes in the toms bag they came with! 
but if you don’t have this bag, any other mesh or cloth bag will work
second step ::
wash them on the delicate or knit cycle. this is a shorter wash than any other setting and it will do the job. I put in some liquid detergent in with them, i put in about half a cap, to ensure the smell would go away. **also dont freak out if they come out of the bag, i did like 20 times and then my phone got wet because i left it in the sink, but all is okay (i hope)**
final step ::
air dry them! it is so important to do this because it effect your toms so much! you can also put them in the dryer, but make sure to put them in the ‘air fluff’. this means no heat applied to them. 
important ::
 DO NOT put them in the sun to dry, i promise you that they will fade!! they came out beautiful, and wet (but they are drying as i type!) they also smell very nice!! hope these tips help! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

lilly agenda's 2013

finally, it seems it has been like i have been waiting forever (well i really have) to have these agenda's be released!! my big just texted me and i literally screamed. my mom thought that i died, but when i told her, she rolled her eyes... like i can not believe it!! i am going to be purchasing mine when they come out and ordering a monogram for it too soon! 
perhaps i will be doing a giveaway *HINT* with them soon!! 
enjoy them (while they last)!! xx 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Neutrogena Wave Sonic : Review

i remember when i was back in middle school and i was obsessed with skincare products. back then i had a few issues, i had this rash on my forehead (i promise and swear it wasn't acne) but it was the worst thing ever!! during my middle school days i used clean and clear morning burst facial cleanser, and my favorite : the neutrogena wave. i remember that i was obsessed with it, and loved to use it and often tried to use it like they did in commercials with emma roberts and vanessa hudgens! i remember getting in trouble for splashing the sink water all over, because i tried to do the infamous slowmo sink splash... which did not work out. 
fast forward to now, i just recently purchased the new and improved : the neutrogena wave sonic. i am so obsessed with this tool that it is crazy. it makes me wash my face more, and make me so happy when i do it in the morning and at night! i love this so much, the way it makes my skin feel after is my favorite part. it provides you with healthy and clear skin for days! if you have troubles with pores, blackheads, oily skin (which i only rarely have issues with these) then use this tool! its inexpensive and is so handy to have and it is just the right size to bring on the go!! 
i love how many pads they give you! enough for about 2 weeks!! another great thing is that they give you batteries with your wave sonic! also, it is a little bit larger than the original wave and has two settings instead of one. it is a fast and a medium speed spinner that is very handy and gets the job done!

before, my skin was very healthy, seemed to be clear and clean, but the good ol' wave sonic showed me that i have so much cleaning on my face that i miss ith a daily wash with a product and wash cloth. **also before washing my face i put my hair up/back and put a thick headband on to ensure my hair doesn't get wet!!**

for the wave, you attach the blue pad (which already has *soap* on it), run it under water for the soap to get damp and you turn on the power button and place it all around your face. 

i know this is a totally weird picture, but this is what it looks like, except the only reason why the soap is discolored is because i had my foundation on when i was wavin my face! 
after everything is all done, i wash off my face with water and pat my face dry with a towel. i couldn't stop touching my face after because it is and was so smooth!! i highly recommend this for anyone who needs a new go to for facial care and does not want something as expensive as the clarisonic! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

organize your summer

truth be told, although summer is typically a nice vacation for the elder ones (including myself)- this year, summer is a non stop tornado that whips together a ray of sunshine: early mornings, musical notes, a pool, some who's, new york city, and cutting checks. so with that said, i have a very busy summer- and rather then wait until the last minute, i wanna organize myself and prepare for what's to come.
this is my desk, currently... yes its a tad bit messy, but im organizing both my (handheld) agenda and my wall calendar. in order to set time out for myself i need to write down dates of swim meets, times of rehearsals, and days i can work in the city.
spotted on my desk: my lamp from college, my new watermelon lemonade candle, my seaglass jar organizer, my monogram letters on a huge paperclip

i just got this new organizer from staples. it is an eight slot expandable binder. as you can see, i am currently only using four slots for my four major activities this summer  
swim team (coaching) : summercliff show (suessical) : mons concept (intern in nyc) : lifeguarding
among those jobs/events i also have so much to do for school and around my house! not gonna lie its gonna be a busy summer, so hopefully this handy organizer will help when filling my documents and $

the miss lilly herself made this just for me... i wish!! but this agenda is my life, it is my little perfect pocket of dates, to do's, and so on. i put my posts in the book to keep track. as you can tell i use a different color for every thing that i have (this is the method that i used in school). i love this agenda to death, and hopefully will be doing a daily organization section on the blog! 
If it's not in my Lilly planner it's not important.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Although we are not attending prom this year or anymore, we have many friends who are attending and will be attending prom in the near future! Lindsey and I were decked out head to toe both years we attended prom, and so today, my post is going to share with you guys some ideas and tips for prom makeup and accessories. 
I've created two looks: a super dressy look & one that is more free spirited, but still sophisticated.
Here's a look into what I would do if I had to do it all over again:
Dressed to Impress ::

For this stunning and super dressy look, its all about the highlighting and sparkle.
01. For eyes, I would use a solid base and matte shadows for the lid. Here I've chosen Mac's Painterly Paint Pot and Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette for the lid/ crease shadows. Since we are going to be doing a lot of highlighting on the cheekbones and brow area, you want to keep the shadows matte so you don't look overly sparkly!
02. To highlight the eye area, I would use a shimmery champagne pigment on the brown bone and tear duct. Here I've chosen Mac's Silk Stocking pigment.
03. For cheeks, I wanted a peachy pink shine, so I went with Mac's Springsheen blush.
04. Here's the fun part: highlight your cheekbones, cupid's bow, and a little on your nose with Dior's Amber Diamond highlighting powder. This is an absolutely gorgeous highlighter and it will complement any skin tone. 
05. For bronzer, I would stick with Benefit's HOOLA, because it's pretty matte and it will balance out the matte shadows well.
06. For lips, I've chosen a gorgeous lip combo- YSL's Rouge Volupté in #2 and Mac's Honey Lust Lipglass. This creates a gorgeous but not too sheer nude lip.


For my dressy accessories, I went with lots of GOLD! Accessories like these will complement any solid color or (large) printed gown or dress. 
01. Steve Madden 
02. Vintage Gold Clutch
03. Diamond-gold tear drop earrings (ESTRADA)
04. YSL Rouge Volupté #2 for touch ups

>> These were my prom shoes last year for the prom I attended at my school. 

Free Spirit ::

For this more casual and free spirited look, I've decided to play with a lot of mattes. 
01. Same eye base and shadow as before, but the only difference is that I would use the lightest shadow in this palette (Venus or Foxy) to highlight the brow bone and tear duct.
02. One word: LINER! Winged liner, that is, and lots of it. Here I've chosen Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner in Black ink. 
03. This time, I would use a softer highlight for the cheekbones, cupids bow, and nose- preferably Benefit's Moon Beam. (You can use Benefit's High Beam if you have a paler skin tone).
04. This time I would also use a matte blush: I've picked out Mac's Mocha.
05. Same bronzer as before to keep the matte-look going!
06. And finally, a cute sparkly deeper nude lip would complement this free spirited look. I've chosen Mac's Viva Glam V Lipstick and Lipglass. I really love this combination and it's super perfect for spring/summer.


For more casual accessories, I used some gold and balanced it out with some pattern and wood. These accessories would look awesome with a solid color dress/ gown. 
01. Jessica Simpson
02. Weezie D
03. Vintage Gold Clutch
04. Mac Viva Glam V Lipstick for touch ups.

>>>> Love these!

Best of luck to everyone's prom preparations, and most importantly, have fun ladies!
(And if you need any prom makeup artists/ stylists at a reasonable price, Miss Lindsey and I are always around-- :] ).

These makeup looks and tips are also great for any occasion really, even if you aren't attending prom!

-- Alanna Martine & Lindsey

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

what's on my iphone

recently, alanna has just done a blog post that inspired me. she recently posted what's on my iphone. this has been a trending tag that has been buzzing around youtube, so i decided to share with y'all what is on my iphone and what apps i use on a daily basis.
 my background : a photo i took of my my may lilly pulizer agenda page
my apps : messages - photos - videos - camera - calendar - maps -weather - utilities - contacts - newsstand - itunes - app store - clock - settings 
utilities bucket:
my apps : notes - reminders - calculator - compass - *emojicons - stocks - voice memos - **flashlight - game center - passbook - find iphond
*emojicons are the best thing that there is on an iphone. they are basically the icons that people use such as a smily face, kissy face, food icons, sports and more
**flashlight comes in handy just about 24/7, it is a working compass & flashlight with 10 differnt settings
second page :
my apps : instagram - facebook - twitter - tumblr - blogger - lindsey bucket - games bucket - media bucket - *qr reader 
* the qr reader is good for any qr code, which now a day is pretty much located on anything!
lindsey bucket : 
my apps : pintrest - *primp - snap chat - **sleep cycle - spottily - groupon - vine - ***shazam - picstitch 
*primp is an app that i was introduced by alexanderaaxo on youtube, it is basically an online makeup app reviewer. you can scan just about anything and a review of the product will come up
** sleep cycle is an app that i have used in the past to track my sleeping habits, it is very useful and i love to see everday's results
***shazam is an app that is a music and lyrical finder. i was once in the store and a song was playing, so i whipped out shazam and pressed the button and it linked me to the song on iTunes!! its a must have

Monday, May 20, 2013

who am i

when i was in high school i never thought i would have my feet in a pair of sperry's or jack rodgers. well four years later, one pair of jack rodgers later and a bunch of sperry's later here i am. just recently i have had my preppy vein take over my whole system, slowly crawling towards my wardrobe. 
after cleaning out my closet, i noticed that i have had a bunch of new button up shirts, colored shorts/pants that are all pressed and ready for the summer season! when defining preppy a person thinks of a bubbly, upbeat person who is involved in preppy sports (golf, tennis & etc), who is obsessed with shopping in preppy stores (vineyard vines, lilly pulitzer, southern prep & so on). i personally do not fufill that definition at all, but i do enjoy those stores, dont like the sports... so what does that make me?

truthfully here is what i am:
an artsy girl on the inside, a preppy girl on the outside, a youtuber, a blogger, an artist, a shopaholic, a babysitter, a swim coach, a female, a student, a daughter, a sister and well im just lindsey.

Friday, May 17, 2013

blonde & brunette's playlist : wrong time period

yesterday i was on the search for some music that was not demi lavato's heart attack or justin bieber's well i dont even know the name of the song, but i can tell you that it is just way too overplayed. in my car, i have four radio stations saved. 
#1 : z100 #2 : classical music #3 : 92.3 now #4 : 106.7 lite fm 
the rest i just bounce around hitting scan or seek and hope that there is an oldie, like journey or something that is not rap, or country (although i do like country...sometimes). i wish that there was a station on fm that would allow you to listen to music from the 1920's or 1950's. ever since i started listening to the music from this time, looking at the fashion, the hair and makeup looks and watching the movies, i knew i was born in the wrong era.
i belong back with the beautiful miss judy garland, the handsome peter lawford, the amazing june allyson, the world renown marylin monroe and so on; but i know that living in that time would have been the bee's knees!! so in leu of our current theme, i have come up with a playlist of some of my favorites!! enjoy xx 
pssstttt: click on the picture to go to spotify for the playlist!! xx 

Fall In Love With Old Cape Cod

Classiness was still relevant, a thing that every woman strived for. 
The fashions were timeless, and everything seemed to have a wholesome, sunny, air to it. 

This summer, I'm trying to bring back that way of style especially to the beach where sometimes "class" is a very much forgotten term. 

Living on cape, I have seen my share of swimwear horror stories. 
To put it nicely, some people are just not meant to wear itty-bitty bikinis and speedos. 

However everyone can look elegant, even at the beach!
I looked to fashion icon Taylor Swift who last year, summered with the Kennedy's on Cape Cod (MY DREAM). She kept it chic and simple with a red polka-dot, high-waisted, 2 piece and a navy polka-dot one piece. She even dressed it up a bit with a red lip. 

Inspired by this this look, I put my own twist on vintage beach fashion!

Always, Miss C.

 Above: Marc by Marc Jacobs Patterned Peplum Maillot and Wayfarer Ray Bans.

Below: Forever21 braided straw sunhat, pearls, red lip. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Although it’s May, it’s been a little chilly these past few days in New York. Today, I’ve put together an outfit for those colder days! 
 I’ve paired a long sleeve button down from American Eagle with a pair of cute rust corduroy shorts from Pac Sun. Although the shirt is light and the shorts are short-the long sleeves are good for those breezy days, and the corduroy is nice and warm material! 
For shoes, since it still summer of course; I’ve paired this outfit with my favorite Sam Edelman Sandals. These complement the orange of the shorts and balance out the pale blue on top! 
As for accessories, I’ve added my thick black and gold bracelet from Forever 21, and adorable big pipe earrings from Beacon’s Closet Thrift Shop (NYC). 
x - Alanna Martine
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