Monday, May 6, 2013

COLLEGE SURVIVAL : what's on my desk

dear reader,
have you ever been in the midst of studying and realized that you have so much sh*t all over your desk. well, i dont know about you, but i am one of those people who can not stand to be surrounded in a mess, that is why i am currently leaving my room and studying elsewhere hahaha! so you may ask, lindsey what is on your desk?

on my desk:
my laptop : i always want to have a clear screen, i have needed folders on my desktop, but nothing too crazy! I also organize my computer in four desktops (apple usesrs have this setting, and boy oh boy do i take advantage of it!) this helps because i sort my schoolwork, my music, my social media and i leave an open desktop for anything i may need!!
my notebook : i currently use my new may designs book as my to do list book, because i have ocd and can not do anything without my to do list, this helps me spread out my day, i put the to do's in order and lets not forget my favorite pink papermate pen
my bracelets & watch : okay, i am one of those people who love bracelets sooo much, but i hate them when i am working. so to achieve the best of both worlds i take them off when i write!
water : i can not study without this, it is truely my power drink. h2o for life!
my agenda : this is my bible, basically my life! i need this to look at my homework schedule and plan out my days! without this, id be so lost!
my fine point pens : my life. literally the best for an ocd person who is obsessed with color coding! i could never leave anywhere without them!
tissues : for the past two weeks i have had the sniffles, and no its not allergies, it the last minute campus bug, its gone (THANKFULLY) for finals week; so ever got a sniffle grab a kleenex 
notebook : my philosophy notebook has been with me for the past week because i have a final, yes a final, in it in like what two days!! must study.
magazine : an easy read to take a break from both the virtual world and the homework world!

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