Monday, May 20, 2013

who am i

when i was in high school i never thought i would have my feet in a pair of sperry's or jack rodgers. well four years later, one pair of jack rodgers later and a bunch of sperry's later here i am. just recently i have had my preppy vein take over my whole system, slowly crawling towards my wardrobe. 
after cleaning out my closet, i noticed that i have had a bunch of new button up shirts, colored shorts/pants that are all pressed and ready for the summer season! when defining preppy a person thinks of a bubbly, upbeat person who is involved in preppy sports (golf, tennis & etc), who is obsessed with shopping in preppy stores (vineyard vines, lilly pulitzer, southern prep & so on). i personally do not fufill that definition at all, but i do enjoy those stores, dont like the sports... so what does that make me?

truthfully here is what i am:
an artsy girl on the inside, a preppy girl on the outside, a youtuber, a blogger, an artist, a shopaholic, a babysitter, a swim coach, a female, a student, a daughter, a sister and well im just lindsey.

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