Thursday, May 23, 2013

organize your summer

truth be told, although summer is typically a nice vacation for the elder ones (including myself)- this year, summer is a non stop tornado that whips together a ray of sunshine: early mornings, musical notes, a pool, some who's, new york city, and cutting checks. so with that said, i have a very busy summer- and rather then wait until the last minute, i wanna organize myself and prepare for what's to come.
this is my desk, currently... yes its a tad bit messy, but im organizing both my (handheld) agenda and my wall calendar. in order to set time out for myself i need to write down dates of swim meets, times of rehearsals, and days i can work in the city.
spotted on my desk: my lamp from college, my new watermelon lemonade candle, my seaglass jar organizer, my monogram letters on a huge paperclip

i just got this new organizer from staples. it is an eight slot expandable binder. as you can see, i am currently only using four slots for my four major activities this summer  
swim team (coaching) : summercliff show (suessical) : mons concept (intern in nyc) : lifeguarding
among those jobs/events i also have so much to do for school and around my house! not gonna lie its gonna be a busy summer, so hopefully this handy organizer will help when filling my documents and $

the miss lilly herself made this just for me... i wish!! but this agenda is my life, it is my little perfect pocket of dates, to do's, and so on. i put my posts in the book to keep track. as you can tell i use a different color for every thing that i have (this is the method that i used in school). i love this agenda to death, and hopefully will be doing a daily organization section on the blog! 
If it's not in my Lilly planner it's not important.

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