Friday, May 17, 2013

blonde & brunette's playlist : wrong time period

yesterday i was on the search for some music that was not demi lavato's heart attack or justin bieber's well i dont even know the name of the song, but i can tell you that it is just way too overplayed. in my car, i have four radio stations saved. 
#1 : z100 #2 : classical music #3 : 92.3 now #4 : 106.7 lite fm 
the rest i just bounce around hitting scan or seek and hope that there is an oldie, like journey or something that is not rap, or country (although i do like country...sometimes). i wish that there was a station on fm that would allow you to listen to music from the 1920's or 1950's. ever since i started listening to the music from this time, looking at the fashion, the hair and makeup looks and watching the movies, i knew i was born in the wrong era.
i belong back with the beautiful miss judy garland, the handsome peter lawford, the amazing june allyson, the world renown marylin monroe and so on; but i know that living in that time would have been the bee's knees!! so in leu of our current theme, i have come up with a playlist of some of my favorites!! enjoy xx 
pssstttt: click on the picture to go to spotify for the playlist!! xx 

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