Tuesday, May 7, 2013


today it is hard to find a friend you can trust. many people in the past have delt with trust issues, including myself. over the past few years i have learned a few things about girls.
 1) they are catty 
2) they can switch modes at any moment
3) their outfits reflect their personalities. 
the friends i have acquired 
through the years deserve that little boost, that reckognition that they do not hear or see everyday so here it goes. i mean every word from my glittery heart.

ny gals:
MJ: four incredible years as you being my best friend. i know there was a reason i didnt like you. and that was because you were everyone's favorite, but at the same time i was too! you are not only my best friend, you are my soul sister. xx
AMK: uhlan, we wont finish that... where has the time gone since i sat next to you first day of freshman year in mrs. schnieders latin class (what hell). you are my fashion twin, but on the polar opposite side. my shakespearian sister, but better. my best friend. four more days until crazy car rides and mall trips on non stop mode. xx 
LL : MC : KC : KM : TR : thank you all for everything you have helped me through, you are always there for me and i miss you so much everyday! it is hard for me to realize that we all parted separate ways and now we are all grown up, doing shops, wearing lilly, going to parties and attending college.
HOCHO: to my sisters here, i wish i could go back for just one day and sit with all of you in the gym again. i know this seems obscene for me to say, but i miss it so much and all of you. hope you are all well and healthy. xx
dc gals:
SN: where should i even begin with you. if you did not come to this school, i think i wouldnt have done half of the things i did this semester. id probably be in my room 'studying' instead of going to our secret study space. three months of summer could not go by any faster until we are halfway across campus next year, but no matter what my door is always open! xx 
CW: my grumpy cat bestie, and my car birdie. what would life be like without your 21 year old self. hmmm well it would be cheaper. im gonna miss our outings and sora rants. next year, your apt is my apt. xx
BL : LB : one year with you. i remeber the first day of lc's. lau would not sit next to us, she was always with the boys, and brit and i sat next to each other. one semester later, one huge friendship later and a lot of laughs later, we end up at the end of part one of our book. you both are true gems, i have no idea what life is going to be like you after part four is over! i just hope we always remain best friends through thick&thin. xx 
TC : what would i do without chew. well i would be minus one roomie for next year! you are the best person and most genuine person i know, always ready for anything and always there for everyone! i love you so much girlie!! xx 
RYAN HALL GIRLS : KTG : "thanks for the great adventure, now go have one of your own" xx

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