Thursday, May 9, 2013

college survival: departure

dear reader,
it is finally hitting me. tomorrow is the day i have been dreading this whole week. it is move out day, probably going to be a sad day for many, but for me it is bittersweet. this year i have changed due to people, their actions, and independence. finally for the first time in my life, i wasn't hounded by a family member to study for a test, or to write a paper (and make sure it was flawless), i was on my own, well not really the first half of the year i had a roommate. 
things have changed for me so dramatically, causing my emotions to be on edge. i have met so many people who have impacted my life in both positive and negative ways. no matter who you are, if i met you this year, you have impacted me and no matter the way you have impacted me i want to thank you, you each have made an impact on the person who i am currently.
it is still a rush of emotions saying goodbye for the summer. i know this sounds insane, since i have known these people for only a year, but its more than just knowing them. i have lived among them, have grown and developed with them. it is going to be a day of smiles, laughters, tears and tissues tomorrow. 
thank you again to everyone who has came into my life, it has been a blessing to have met you. i really mean it when i say that you have made me into who i am. thank you so much to catholic university, the faculty, the class of '16, ryan hall girls, KTG girls, and most importantly to my best friends. 

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