Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Neutrogena Wave Sonic : Review

i remember when i was back in middle school and i was obsessed with skincare products. back then i had a few issues, i had this rash on my forehead (i promise and swear it wasn't acne) but it was the worst thing ever!! during my middle school days i used clean and clear morning burst facial cleanser, and my favorite : the neutrogena wave. i remember that i was obsessed with it, and loved to use it and often tried to use it like they did in commercials with emma roberts and vanessa hudgens! i remember getting in trouble for splashing the sink water all over, because i tried to do the infamous slowmo sink splash... which did not work out. 
fast forward to now, i just recently purchased the new and improved : the neutrogena wave sonic. i am so obsessed with this tool that it is crazy. it makes me wash my face more, and make me so happy when i do it in the morning and at night! i love this so much, the way it makes my skin feel after is my favorite part. it provides you with healthy and clear skin for days! if you have troubles with pores, blackheads, oily skin (which i only rarely have issues with these) then use this tool! its inexpensive and is so handy to have and it is just the right size to bring on the go!! 
i love how many pads they give you! enough for about 2 weeks!! another great thing is that they give you batteries with your wave sonic! also, it is a little bit larger than the original wave and has two settings instead of one. it is a fast and a medium speed spinner that is very handy and gets the job done!

before, my skin was very healthy, seemed to be clear and clean, but the good ol' wave sonic showed me that i have so much cleaning on my face that i miss ith a daily wash with a product and wash cloth. **also before washing my face i put my hair up/back and put a thick headband on to ensure my hair doesn't get wet!!**

for the wave, you attach the blue pad (which already has *soap* on it), run it under water for the soap to get damp and you turn on the power button and place it all around your face. 

i know this is a totally weird picture, but this is what it looks like, except the only reason why the soap is discolored is because i had my foundation on when i was wavin my face! 
after everything is all done, i wash off my face with water and pat my face dry with a towel. i couldn't stop touching my face after because it is and was so smooth!! i highly recommend this for anyone who needs a new go to for facial care and does not want something as expensive as the clarisonic! 

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