Monday, May 27, 2013

how to wash your toms

Tom shoes are the greatest thing to ever walk on in the planet! At first I thought that they were actually the ugliest things on the earth, but once i tried them on i fell in love. 6 pair later, we are in current day. the only problem i ran into with them is the smell. after a year my first pair are so smelly and dirty! so someone help me!! thanks to my handy dandy washer, all went back to normal!

after doing some research (as i do for everything.. even house fires... yes this happened) i did a quick search of how to clean them and after watching video's i saw that many people just hand washed them, but me being my lazy self i took the washer route. i found out that the washing machine is usually not a good idea and if you do use it they suggest that you are to put them in the delicate cycle. i only found one person who posted some pictures after putting them in the washer, so i tried this out as well! i am not going to lie i was nervous for a little, then i just went with it and i am so happy i went with my gut!
for starters :: 
put the shoes in the toms bag they came with! 
but if you don’t have this bag, any other mesh or cloth bag will work
second step ::
wash them on the delicate or knit cycle. this is a shorter wash than any other setting and it will do the job. I put in some liquid detergent in with them, i put in about half a cap, to ensure the smell would go away. **also dont freak out if they come out of the bag, i did like 20 times and then my phone got wet because i left it in the sink, but all is okay (i hope)**
final step ::
air dry them! it is so important to do this because it effect your toms so much! you can also put them in the dryer, but make sure to put them in the ‘air fluff’. this means no heat applied to them. 
important ::
 DO NOT put them in the sun to dry, i promise you that they will fade!! they came out beautiful, and wet (but they are drying as i type!) they also smell very nice!! hope these tips help! 

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