Tuesday, May 21, 2013

what's on my iphone

recently, alanna has just done a blog post that inspired me. she recently posted what's on my iphone. this has been a trending tag that has been buzzing around youtube, so i decided to share with y'all what is on my iphone and what apps i use on a daily basis.
 my background : a photo i took of my my may lilly pulizer agenda page
my apps : messages - photos - videos - camera - calendar - maps -weather - utilities - contacts - newsstand - itunes - app store - clock - settings 
utilities bucket:
my apps : notes - reminders - calculator - compass - *emojicons - stocks - voice memos - **flashlight - game center - passbook - find iphond
*emojicons are the best thing that there is on an iphone. they are basically the icons that people use such as a smily face, kissy face, food icons, sports and more
**flashlight comes in handy just about 24/7, it is a working compass & flashlight with 10 differnt settings
second page :
my apps : instagram - facebook - twitter - tumblr - blogger - lindsey bucket - games bucket - media bucket - *qr reader 
* the qr reader is good for any qr code, which now a day is pretty much located on anything!
lindsey bucket : 
my apps : pintrest - *primp - snap chat - **sleep cycle - spottily - groupon - vine - ***shazam - picstitch 
*primp is an app that i was introduced by alexanderaaxo on youtube, it is basically an online makeup app reviewer. you can scan just about anything and a review of the product will come up
** sleep cycle is an app that i have used in the past to track my sleeping habits, it is very useful and i love to see everday's results
***shazam is an app that is a music and lyrical finder. i was once in the store and a song was playing, so i whipped out shazam and pressed the button and it linked me to the song on iTunes!! its a must have

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