Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"OMG... I Wish I Had That" Bag

is there ever a moment in your life where you had forgotten to bring something, or you lose it and do not have any spares. i know for me that this has happened multiple times. for example, i have had chapped lips and forgot to bring my chapstick : i have also had encountered a hot day and wanted to put my hair up in a pony tail, but have had no elastic to tie it with : i have gone through head aching moments without any advil and well you get the point. the idea of the "OMG... I Wish I Had That" Bag came from one of my all time favorite blogs College Prep. She had posted one of these awhile back, and has recently updated her  bag with her new go to's. i myself found that mostly everything she put in her bag, i had in mine! so i broke out my old C Wonder makeup pouch, threw it in the washer (because it was a little messy and is washer proof) and started loading my bag with my everyday necessities. enjoy, and please feel free to post what you uldput, or have in your "OMG... I Wish I Had That" Bag. 
1. motrin : is this not self explanatory... every single girl and their mother and their grandmother should carry this in their purse!! you never know when you might need it.
2. advil : same explanation from above goes for the advil. sadly i did not have a cute pill case, so i used my mini-altoids pack and stuffed some in there. i prefer the jell advil pills.
3. usb drive : do not ask me what usb stands for (im sure i know it) but all i know is that my hello kitty one beats your plain old black or silver one! trust me when i say this comes in use more often than not
4. a hair clip : windy day? loose ends? need i say more..
5. hand sanitizer : okay so truth be told, i am not your everyday germ freak, only your occasional one... but hey, there is nothing wrong with being germ free, right? 
6. pearl earrings : an everyday nescessity. i mean god forbid you lost a pearl, just whip out your spare.
7. clear nail polish : this little baby has so much in it and can be used for so much. chipped nail, got it. ripped tights, got it. lost shine, got it.
8. gum : bad breath, slip in a piece, chew up and well there ya have it. just be careful when you take it out because people will always ask for a piece. 
9. hair ties : my current favortie kind, and not because i made it, but because it is so flexible oh and btw it is crease free!! yeah, what could beat that?
10. $5 : i mean there is always a moment when you need emergency cash!! why not start to carry some, just in a small amount though!
11. band aids : blisters, cuts & so on. bingo, found a simplistic cure! 
12. chapstick : i love love love chapstick! like i am never anywhere without it. i love trying new brands and flavors, my current faves are baby lips original and burts bee's in mango
13. a pen : this is my fav. kind, a pink paper mate. dont ask why i just love em, and not because they are pink, because they are smooth.

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