Friday, September 27, 2013

long time no chat.

so last night and this morning it has been brought to my attention that blonde and brunette and myself in the bloging and youtube world have fallen off the face of the universe! i wanted to say how sorry i am for not keeping up with the posts! i have been out of my mind busy with recruitment for my sorority and with my workload. i have also been consumed with other things and have been at a low point for the past few weeks, but now i realized that i have people who love me and support me, so i am able to move onward and not turn back. anyways... currently, i am sitting in my classroom waiting for class to 
start and i thought why not post right now, i mean there is no better time, right? 
that now would be the best time to post a quick catch up and apologize for my lack of posts! 
i set up a schedule and even put it in my lilly planner so i will be posting on blonde and brunette every monday, wednesday and friday. with my youtube i will be putting up video's weekly! i do not want to set a schedule for that because it is harder to film than it is to post, well not really, but it is more time 
consuming! I will definitely have at lest one video up every week!!! 
i can not wait for all the posts that are going to be coming up this fall! if you have any requests or ideas for posts/video's that you want me to do please let me know and i will be more than happy to post it! i hope you all have had a marvelous september and keep posted with me on blonde&brunette and youtube :) 
*shoutout to megan who is currently studying in spain for the semester, she is the reason why i posted today because she was like, "linzz do you not blog anymore", and i was like"ohhmygawshhh. i need to post asap." and i told her she would be mentioned, so megan. this one is for you*

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