Thursday, December 19, 2013

haulidays : drugstore haul

lindsey is back home and thank goodness!! i have had the most amazing weekend with two of my very good friends in new york city! we had so much fun venturing out into the big nyc and saw two broadway shows, took a midnight adventure tour, tried chestnut (they are repulsive and its without the shell) and we basically took on nyc in about 50+ hours!

with being home that means i get to drive, which means i get to go shopping!! i swear i should be a personal shopper when i am older haha! but anyways, this everything i got yesterday at the drugstore. its not really much of a haul, but hey it counts as a haul, right? 


what i got : 

jergens natural glow foam : i have used this before, reccomended by lanni and schmegzz, but this one was on sale for $2.50 at my local cvs sooo with me being snow white and all, i popped it into my cart hoping to be that bronze goddess... well maybe. 

ice breakers ice cubes in spearmint : i have had this gum in my car i think since i have even owned my own car. this was a total must, especially because im out of all of my old pack (thanks mom and dad).

burts bee's ultra conditioning lip balm : oh my gosh you guys. i have never ever tried this one from burt's bees before, but i am in utter love with it, although it does make my lips a little white... it still makes them super lush and super soft.

carmex cherry lip balm : i have never used carmex before, megs told me to try it a bunch of time because she uses it like 24/7 (but she loves the vaseline one haha) so i was like why not just get myself a third chapstick. i really like it, not my favorite, but it helps condition your lips. 

eos sweet mint chapstick : i can not tell you all how much i love this product. i never finish a chastic and i finished this little guy in a semester, soooo i had to get another one, along with the other chappies. 

venus spa breeze razor : okay, so this was my first time getting a "grown up razor" haha i have used my other one from venus for about well since 6th grade now and decided to move onto a smaller and more powerful one. i used it last night you guys and i am obsessed! it got everything off, like POOF.

rose paper mask : i have never used this before, until about twenty minutes ago!! if your friends with me on snapchat, or if your ali or ej, you would have seen my phantom face from this mask but it seriously works wonders & makes your face smell like roses. 

simple faacial cleansing whipes : soooo after watching lindsey (not me) beautybaby44 on youtube for like ever, i have heard her, as well as other youtubers thrive about these makeup remover whipes. at first i was like umm theses dont work, well they actually do, it just takes time (like longer than i am used to) but it really gets EVERYTHING off!! i absolutely love em. 

skintamate mango shaving cream : literally the best shaving cream in the universe. this is like five bucks and it lasts like forever!! and above all, i absolutely love the scent of this shaving cream.

scunci hairties : these are such a classic purchase for myself. although i love my diy homemade hair ties, these ones really hold my messy buns up and together. 

dove deodorant : sooo finding a perfect deodorant has been a struggle for a while now, and i have been using a bunch of different brands, but for some reason i picked up this one, love the consistancy of it and love love love the scent, it is so pure and fresh. 

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